Lotao Deli – Simply enjoy rice

Lotao is specialized in handpicked, rare selection of rare varieties of rice and presented in a noble form and unique in taste. With the line "Deli" we present our high-quality rice varieties in six exciting variants:


Glam Wedding Pink

The fine taste of Indian basmati, the fruity aroma and the suprising color of Bollywood: This new creation follows the tradition of Indian Weddings and is a symbol for luck and happiness.


Indian Tiger Umbra

Due to the difficult geographical conditions in the growing area and the low yield per hectare, this red full-grain rice from India is cultivated by only a few locals. The low clay content of the soil colours the shell of the grain red-brown, while the interior of the grain remains white.


Sparkling Volcano Terra

Grown on vocanic soil, this blend of traditional aromatic West Java rices is rich of minerals and antioxidants. Strength and efficacy infuse this rice, thanks to the area in which it is grown.


Wizard of Laos

The secret of the rare Wizard of Laos mixture, made of three distinct rice varieties, was discovered by farmers in Laos during the Kha period.



Royal Pearl Black.
It was the forbidden rice of numerous Chinese dynasties, the most rare, and – as we know today – the highest in protein: Royal Pearl Black, the strong rice.



Oriental Sensation Smoked.
A long-grain, indian Basmati rice.  It is smoked by means of an intense and special process that transforms the rice into a tangy taste sensation.

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