Spirit of Bamboo

The green rice for the all knowing

  • It is the elite plant from Asia, the inspiration for countless myths, the manifestation of perfection, both flexible and strong in structure: Bamboo. Stories tell the tale of its nature. Gods display themselves through it. To be sure, bamboo serves as a symbol of luck and the image of long life.

    “A monk went to Zhang Lu, the master of the heavens, and brought him rice as an offering. He carved pieces of the bamboo and mixed the bamboo juice with the rice. Zhang Lu saw the green rice and proclaimed: Nutrition and Spirit come together as one.”

    The spirituality of bamboo in Taoism is ascribed to its behavior during a storm: the evergreen bamboo bends to the forces of nature and yet returns unbroken to its original state. Patience, steadfastness, and the blessings of the gods are symbolized through these properties

    With the blending of rice and bamboo are joined the two most significant plants of Asia. The most important source of food, the very definition of prosperity and luck – rice – comes together

  • with pure extract of the bamboo plant, therewith creating this one-of-a-kind rice experience.

    Bamboo stores the sun’s energy. Spirit of Bamboo Green is thus rich in natural minerals and vitamins, due to its bamboo content.

    Spirit of Bamboo Green’s spiritual properties reveal themselves to those who eat this inspiration rice. Treat yourself to the experience of strengthening calmness.

    How to prepare:

    Add two cups of water per one cup of this basmati rice specialty.
    Bring to a boil.
    Add salt to taste.
    Let steam for 20 minutes at low heat.
    Let rice expand, then drain.


    Tip: Serve Spirit of Bamboo with fish dishes as well as grilled or cooked vegetables. See www.lotao.com/shop for recipe ideas and serving suggestions.

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