Magic Fruits

Wizard of Laos Perfectioner

  • Figs, dates, pepper, and tomato as well as other nuances and sea salt enrich the Wizard of Laos rice to an aromatic, fruity meal.

    “At the edge of a rice field near to the Song-Ca river, a woman came up to me. She showed me a rice plant and then said: ‘The time of maturity has come. Nature’s elements shall combine to form wealth and fulfillment.’ In markets in the capital city, I looked for the fruits that enrich the Wizard of Laos, the magician. I chose dates, figs,

  • and the best spices available. The best elements of the Far East with the pearls of the Orient combine along the coast of the Mediterranean.”

    The components of this perfectioner carry in them the strength of pure water and the light of the sun.

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