And the winner is: LOTAO


At this year's „Salón de Gourmets“ in Madrid Lotao was awarded with the most wanted "Premio a la Innovation 2015".


The "Salón de Gourmets in Madrid" is one of the leading gourmet and food fairs in Southern Europe. With over 1,200 exhibitors and 30,000 shown products and 80,000 visitors, the fair´s importance is increasing from year to year.


The exhibition aims to improve the quality of food and to promote the culinary culture in Spain. Together with our partner Carmelo Novillo, Lotao had now its first presentation in Spain. The response to our product range was breathtaking.


After numerous commentaries and reports in the press, many positive discussions with experts and fair visitors, the first Lotao presentation in Spain was crowned with Salón de Gourmets Innovation Award. The "Premio a la Innovation" 2015 for our range "Lotao Deli" is a highlight of our recent work. We are pleased and grateful to all our customers, partners and especially the team of Delirio Gourmet for their loyalty and support.


Your Lotao - Team


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