Essence of Sweet Chili

  • Selected chili peppers, paprika, and a hint of caraway mix deftly with fruity orange notes. The essence enriches the ‘rice of prosperity,’ Rising Sun Orange, making it into lusty, aromatic dish.

    “I decamped in the interior lands of Thailand, near Phom, where sun dried chili pods grew in a forgotten garden. My hands and eyes burned as I picked the pods off the ground. As I gathered the spicy plants, they suddenly turned sweet – as if revealing the laughter and strength of the sun hidden within.”

  • Spicy and sweet flavors reveal themselves in concert with oriental caraway and select rice oils to form unusual and special taste notes.

    At Lotao, Rising Sun Orange and its Elixir Essence of Sweet Chili represent the Chinese element earth – positive energy from the summer’s warmth, wisdom, and metamorphosis.

    This Elixir’s ingredients hold the strength and the warm bright sun – enjoy!

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