Essence of Smooth Ginger

  • Fiery like flowing lava, the taste of ginger is enhanced and soothed by lemongrass and an exclusive rice oil. The essence brings out the flavor of the Sparkling Volcano rice, and lends it delicate, warm notes.

    “A farmer in Java told me about the immense volcano, in whose plume of smoke the gods dwelled. He showed me a ginger root, which he wanted to offer at the foot of the mountain. He broke it into two pieces. A heavenly scent emerged from its light yellow interior.”

  • Lemon notes round out Sparkling Volcano rice with an aromatic vivacity, and confer a mild hint to its otherwise fiery character.

    At Lotao, the essence of smooth ginger stands for the Chinese elements of fire, a strong Yang, joy, and physical strength.

    The ingredients of this Elixir contain the elements of strength and firmness of will.

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