Energy from the Extraordinary

Rice, nourishing and healthy, has fed mankind since the Stone Age. Beyond mass-produced rice, rare varieties flourish that until now have hardly—if at all—been known in the West.

Lotao reveals the diversity of rice as known to but a few. While hundreds of tons of industrially produced rice are consumed every year, the exquisite taste of rarer types remains the privilege of a small number of connoisseurs.

Lotao has tracked down rice varieties that can be the stars of your culinary creations:
They are character actors that add a unique aesthetic and gustatory twist.

That is why they and their origins both are held in high esteem: Rice tastes different when cultivated organically on carefully tended land, rather than under the conditions—so readily glossed over—in which the product for mass consumption is grown.

Rice led Lotao to discover other fine foods: the coconut and pulses.

Lotao never tires of the search. For Lotao the hard work involved in introducing new, high-quality, fairly produced, and ecologically valuable products to the discerning consumer is always worth the effort.