Laotisches Spargelrisotto mit feinen Reh-Nüsschen

Laotian asparagus risotto with fine venison nuts

We have developed a very special dish for the popular VOX program “The Perfect Dinner”: an Asian, creamy risotto with fine venison fillets to match the asparagus season. However, as a native of Vienna, I couldn't resist rounding off the risotto with roasted apricot seeds at the end. Crisp, surprising...


(for 4 people)

Admittedly, asparagus is rarely found in Laos ;)
for the risotto:
  • 200g Prince of Bengal Baby Basmati
  • 1 small onion
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 stalk of lemongrass
  • 200 g asparagus
  • 100 ml white wine
  • 500 ml vegetable stock
  • 1 pinch of cardamom
  • 1 pinch of chili
  • 1 pinch of sweet paprika
  • 50g butter
  • 100g Parmesan
  • 2 tbsp roasted apricot kernels
  • Salt pepper

for the deer nuts:
  • 4 fillets of venison
  • Salt pepper


  1. Finely dice a small onion and fry it in a little olive oil. Flatten the lemongrass with the flat back of a knife and roast it together with the onions. Rinse the Prince of Bengal baby basmati well and add it. Stir briefly and deglaze with white wine.
  2. Add vegetable soup while stirring continuously. Peel the asparagus, cut it into 1 cm wide strips and add the pieces (except for the asparagus tips) to the risotto.
  3. After about 20 minutes, the rice is “al dente” and now top it off with Wizard of Laos Perfectioner, butter, parmesan, salt, pepper and apricot seeds. Cook the asparagus tips in a little water until soft, deglaze with ice water and set aside.
  4. Fry the venison fillets in olive oil (approx. 1 minute on each side), season with salt and pepper and immediately remove from the heat.
  5. Let it rest briefly and then cut into 2 cm wide pieces. Serve the Laotian risotto together with the venison nuts and some salad.
  6. Sprinkle with Parmesan and drape the asparagus tip on top. Bon appetit!

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