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Do you know that, too?

You don't have time to cook fresh, but you don't feel like ready meals with lots of additives? Or is there a yawning emptiness in the fridge?

Discover our enjoyment box for your quick and delicious food:

Packshot der Genussbox-Gerichte, den veganen Fertiggerichten von Lotao im leckeren 6er Pack
Genuss der bio veganen Bolognese mit Lotao Veggie Hack
Angerichteter Teller Lotao Veggie Linsen Dal, der veganen Bio-Mahlzeit mit schneller Zubereitung
Angerichteter Teller und Packung mit Lotao Veggie Chili sin Carne Bowl, der veganen Bio-Mahlzeit mit schneller Zubereitung
Angerichteter Teller mit Lotao Veggie Curry Sauce und Reis

treat box

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✓ 100% natural: ORGANIC and without additives
✓ 100% Vegan: uncompromisingly good for full enjoyment
✓ Quickly prepared
✓ Can be stored without refrigeration

Uncompromisingly good: Discover the variety of enjoyment with Lotao

100% organic & vegan

Without additives

Das Lotao Abo für bio-vegane Lebensmittel ist bequem

Prepared quickly

Our products are made from natural ingredients with organic certification. We consistently avoid additives and preservatives. All recipes are completely vegan and therefore protect the environment and animal welfare.

Our innovative dishes are prepared in just a few minutes, either on their own or with a side dish for your quick enjoyment.

Our products are high quality and uncompromisingly good when it comes to ingredients, quality and taste. This is how we can guarantee complete enjoyment.

Thanks to our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try all dishes risk-free!

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30 days money back
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Are you unsure whether you like our vegan dishes? We are not! That's why we're happy to offer you a 100% taste guarantee . Try the products and if you don't like them, we will refund you the purchase price.