Intriguing Taste Experiences

Lotao’s World of Tastes

Rice specialties from Asia’s most remote corners. Heirloom lentil and bean varieties from Spain. Vegan, gluten-free, rice-based pasta for Italian cuisine. Delicate, velvety coconut creations from Indonesia. Lotao searches the world for extraordinary tastes and aromas for you.

The latest find is sweet and noble: kaya, prepared from coconut, is a spread for bread, and can be used to add a distinctive note to ice cream and dessert creams, as well as to baked goods. Lotao’s kaya comes in two variations—a rich chocolate cream and an exotic coconut blossom jam.

In Lotao’s world taste buds and eye alike are tempted.

Rice Speciality

Rice—a history of the culture of taste

Coconut Products

The coconut—healthful sweetness, creamy puree


Pulses—newcomers with an ancient pedigree