Exquisite Spread

KAYA - what is it anyway?

Spreads based on coconut milk and coconut flower sugar are a traditional speciality in many regions of Asia. "Kaya" means "rich" in Malaysia. The original recipe resembles a kind of coconut cream brûlée seasoned with the leaves of the screw tree.

Lotaos product line Kaya contains in contrast to the Asian classical variant however no hen's egg, but only vegane, biocertified ingredients. Instead of refined sugar, aromatic coconut blossom sugar is caramelised with fresh coconut milk and refined with spices or fine cocoa - in addition to high-quality Virgin Coconut Oil.

With "Kaya", the vegan spread based on coconut milk and coconut blossom sugar, Lotao has made it into the innovation selection of the renowned Paris gourmet and food fair "SIAL". At the Veganfach in Kölln Lotao Kaya was awarded the "Vegan Innovation Award for particularly outstanding product developments".

In the Kaya Chocolate Cream variant, lovers of chocolate spreads will find a revolutionary alternative: the degree of saturation of Kaya Chocolate Cream is extreme - Kaya Chocolate Cream is the ravenous killer.

New to the range is Lotao Date Kiss: a fine date coconut spread, 100% vegan & gluten-free without the addition of sweeteners.



Kaya Chocolate Cream

Coconut sugar spread with chocolate

Lotao Kaya Coconut Jam now available with fine chocolate! Both versions also available in 25 gram jars.

Date Kiss

Fine date coconut spread

A date coconut spread consisting of fresh Tunisian organic dates and Lotao Kiss coconut oil. The fine date cream gets its sweetness only from the fruit, without the addition of further sweeteners. The paste is refined with a hint of organic lemon juice.

Date Kiss can also be used as a dip, spread or chocolate filling.