Lotao Green

Fruit flesh directly from the tree

Full-flavoured meat substitute from the Jackfruit tree

Fleshy texture and neutral taste, which often combines with spices, are the ideal prerequisite for a vegan meat substitute. The fact that the fruit is rich in potassium, vitamins C and A, magnesium, dietary fibres and antioczidants makes it particularly valuable. Lotao offers organic Jackfruit pulp for sale in four flavours: Nature, curry, teriyaki and goulash. The superlative fruit from northern India is packed in 200 gram bags. Good durability and best product characteristics are thus guaranteed.


How does Jackfruit taste when ripe?


The fruit from Asia will revolutionize our food: Not only vegans, but also people who want to limit their meat consumption, the green fruit from India brings true carnal pleasure. The jackfruit, the largest tree fruit on earth, is also a feast for the eyes. Appetising green pimples sit on the almost pear-shaped fruit, which can weigh up to 15 kilograms. If the ripe jackfruit is characterized by a banana-pineapple taste, the flesh of the young fruit in the immature stage is a sensational discovery for vegan cuisine.

Usage and processing


In Sri Lanka it was mandatory that each family had two Jackfruit trees. In view of the fact that a full-grown jackfruit tree bears 2,000 kg of fruit, every inhabitant was protected from hunger. Today, most of the harvest spoils because the fruits ripen very quickly and you can't enjoy them. When ripe, jackfruit is processed into jelly, sweets, ice cream or pickles. Chips, jams or dried pieces of jackfruit are also produced.



Surprise at a blind tasting


Back to the fleshy side: Pan-fried flesh of unripe jackfruit has always been known in Asia. In this country, it still has its triumphal procession ahead of it. The taste is reminiscent of tender chicken meat, with a "pulled pork" texture. A blind tasting in March 2016 brought a surprising result: visitors to a steak house thought a hors d'œuvre made of jackfruit was a dish with tasty meat.


Information for Retailers

We also supply retailers and commercial bulk buyers. Please contact our sales manager Mr. Jens Pöhnisch directly.
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Lotao Jackfruit Natur

Young Jackfruit pieces pure

Here the fibrous jackfruit can spread its character. Open to spice oils, garlic or simply salt and pepper, Lotao Jackfruit Natur encourages creativity. Arranged with Lotao Royal Pearl Black, the eye is also delighted.


Season the flesh as you like and marinate in 2 tablespoons of oil for 10-15 minutes. Then fry the jackfruit in the pan for at least 4 to 5 minutes until browned as desired and add fresh vegetables depending on the season. Serve with lotao rice, couscous, in a burger or on salads..

Lotao Jackfruit Teriyaki

Teriyaki dish ready to cook

Sweet and full-bodied teriyaki gives the jackfruit a fine stain. The flesh appears dark - almost like beef. Served on a plinth of Lotao Sparkling Volcano, a deep flavor relationship unfolds.


Heat the contents of the package for 5 minutes in the pan or alternatively heat the package for 5 minutes in a water bath. Lotao tastes rice with it.

Lotao Jackfruit Curry

Vegan curry with meat from a tree

From the home of the Lotao Green Jackfruit, North India, come wonderful curries. Spicy and creamy is the sauce, dark yellow the color. Fits perfectly to Lotao Wizard of Laos.


Heat the contents of the package for 5 minutes in a pan or alternatively heat the package for 5 minutes in a water bath and enjoy with lotao rice.