Lotao Reis mit Herz - Be an Angel
Reis mit Herz von Lotao
Be an Angel Reis mit Herz von Lotao
Reis mit Herz von Lotao
Reis mit Herz von Lotao

Lotao Reis with Heart - Be an Angel

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✓ Round grain, granular, loose

✓ with apple cubes
✓ Cinnamon Flavor
✓ Short cooking time

DE-ÖKO-001, EU/ non-EU agriculture
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100% natural

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Short grain rice* (55%), diced apples*, dried (23%), cane sugar*, cinnamon* (2.2%), sea salt.

*from controlled organic cultivation

Bring 600 ml milk (fat content 3.5%) to the boil. Add the Prince of Bengal rice pudding, simmer on a medium heat for approx. 12 minutes while stirring.
Remove the pot from the heat, stir in the apple and spice mixture and leave to stand for a further 2 minutes with the lid closed.

The Bengali organic rice pudding "Be an Angel" The Be an Angel - rice pudding with pieces of apple and cinnamon makes our senses happy in no time. The short grain rice used comes from a small cooperative in West Bengal, India. The dried fruit specialist Biosanica supplies the delicious organic apple pieces for the rice pudding. The apples used come from local, controlled cultivation areas.

The net proceeds from each pack sold go directly to the association "Be an Angel eV"

Be an Angel eV

Lotao's mission says "We bring cultures and people together by discovering culinary secrets from all over the world in order to bring something special to our customers' homes." For the latest Lotao product, we use our "Prince of Bengal" as a basis. premium rice. It comes from a village cooperative in West Bengal, India, where the farmers still grow these particularly aromatic, buttery-sweet grains using traditional methods – without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or industrial seeds. Through the exclusive production and marketing of the rice by Lotao, we offer the villagers a chance to develop further and achieve fair prices. Together with delicious organic apple pieces sponsored by Biosanica and some cinnamon, the Bengali organic rice pudding "Rice with Heart" was created. When the days are getting shorter and the rain is pouring down the windows, nothing sweetens the winter blues more than a warm, creamy soul food that you can spoon up comfortably on the sofa under the covers. The rice pudding is one of the top 5 feel-good dishes par excellence. We all remember the smell of hot milk, warming cinnamon aromas and nutty-smelling rice in mother's kitchen, which beguiled us as children. Eaten on its own as a dessert for family and friends, as a main course on its own or spiced up with fresh fruit: a heavenly treat that will lift you to cloud nine in no time. The new angel food also does good things. With the "Be An Angel" rice pudding, Lotao supports the association of the same name from Berlin, which has been taking care of the support and integration of refugees since 2015. The initiative receives the net proceeds from the sale of each rice pudding pack.

100 g contain on average:


calorific value 1541kJ (363kcal)
fat 0.3g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.1g
carbohydrates 84g
of which sugars 37g
protein 4.3
salt 0.21g


Herkunftsland Indien

The Lotao Prince of Bengal is a short grain rice from West Bengal in the Indian rice belt. The rice is grown and harvested in small quantities using their own seeds using traditional methods.

Milchreis mit Apfelstückchen von Lotao

Rice for a good cause

The net proceeds from each pack of Bengali organic milk rice sold go directly to the association "Be an Angel eV"