Lotao vegane Hackbällchenmischung
Lotao vegane Hackbällchenmischung 3er Set
Picknick mit Lotao veganen Hackbällchen
Vegane Hackbällchen von Lotao mit Kartoffeln
Picknick mit Lotao veganen Hackbällchen

Lotao Veggie Meatball Mix

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✓ Vegan version of minced meat balls
✓ Purely vegetable & high protein content
✓ Store without refrigeration & quickly prepared
✓ Without dyes and preservatives

DE-ÖKO-001, EU/non-EU agriculture
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Pea protein jackfruit granules* (pea protein powder*, jackfruit powder*) (38%), oat flakes* fine (19%), breadcrumbs* ( wheat flour* , yeast*, salt) (19%), potato*, onion*, tomato* , paprika*, sea salt, garlic*, parsley*, carrot*, celery* , kale*, chives*, lovage*, nutmeg*, turmeric*, fenugreek seed*, caraway*, allspice*, fennel*, dill*.

*from controlled organic cultivation

Pour 125 ml boiling water over 125 g Veggie Meatball Mixture. Leave to swell for about 2 minutes. Form up to 12 balls from the mixture and fry them in hot fat for about 5 minutes until crispy.

Organic vegan meatballs based on pea protein and jackfruit Minced meat balls and rolls are a staple of soul food around the world. There are hundreds of names, recipes and preparation methods - and now they are also available in vegan organic quality, made from pea protein and jackfruit granules and with tasty spices. With the organic dry mix from Lotao, traditional "Veggie-Köttbullar" can now be easily prepared: pour hot water over them, form balls and fry until crispy. The dry mix does not need to be refrigerated. The Lotao Green Jackfruit Veggie Meatball Mix is not only suitable for vegans, but also for flexitarians and anyone who wants to reduce their meat consumption. We consistently do without flavor enhancers, colorings and preservatives!

100 g contain on average:


calorific value 824kJ (195kcal)
fat 3.3g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.6g
carbohydrates 21.5g
of which sugars 0.78g
protein 17.7g
salt 1.52g


Picknick mit Hackbällchen von Lotao

Our veggie mince

The versatile vegan mince from Lotao, consisting of pea protein and jackfruit flour granules, can be used not only for classic burger patties but also for homemade meatballs, vegetable mince skewers or delicious side dishes and salads.
The meat substitute is not only an absolute highlight in terms of taste: the jackfruit it contains gives the product an amazing texture and firmness to the bite, which makes it a versatile meat alternative.