Die Themenwelten von Lotao

Interesting Facts for Gourmets

Where is natural rice still cultivated? What is the difference between coconut water and coconut milk?
How did pulses come to Europe? What healthy alternatives exist for sweetening and frying?

Under “Themes” Lotao explains about foods that have nourished mankind for thousands of years. It is a fascinating tale of man’s most important sources of nourishment.

The World of Rice

120,000 different varieties and a millennial tradition: Discover the little-known sides of the rice kernel...

The World of Coconut

Coconuts conjure up exotic and far-off lands. The various foods produced using the coconut palm make it easy to bring the exotic into your own home...

The World of Pulses

Foods rich in protein are increasingly in demand: beans and lentils with their high protein content are the answer. After all, 2016 is the “International Year of Pulses”...