Lotao Veggie Mince: The best plant-based minced meat alternative

Discover our vegan minced meat, which not only has a perfect texture, but is also particularly sustainable. Find out why Lotao Veggie Hack is the answer to the culinary needs of a growing group of shoppers!

The company Lotao

Lotao gives foods a special value, discovers surprising aspects of them and turns them into real treasures.

Lotao ist ein professioneller Private Label Hersteller mit Bio-Zertifizierung im Bereich vegane Lebensmittel und bietet eine Vielzahl veganer Fertiggerichte an

Lotao offers a varied range of vegan organic dishes, finely seasoned.

Lotao is the brand for connoisseurs that invites you to enjoy sustainable delicacies
to discover from all over the world.

What is Lotao Veggie Mince?

protein rich

A whole 70% protein per 100 grams. A game changer - perfect for meal prep & fitness dishes!

Free from allergens

We do not use soy in our entire range!

Made from only 2 ingredients

Lotao Veggie Mince consists only of pea protein and jackfruit flour. No dyes. No flavors. No preservatives.


Lotao Veggie Mince has a long shelf life and is very quick and easy to prepare. It does not require refrigeration and opens up new possibilities on the drying shelf.


Lotao Veggie Mince prepares three times as much as animal mince

Sustainability and organic cultivation of jackfruit

At Lotao, sustainability and environmental protection come first. We are proud to work with our farmers' cooperative in India, committed to organic farming and social responsibility . This not only guarantees the quality of our jackfruit, but also the local ecosystems are protected. In addition, we work closely with the community to promote fair working conditions and sustainable development .

The people behind the Lotao Jackfruit

Every jackfruit in our Lotao Jackfruit Veggie Mince tells a fascinating story. It comes from the talented farmers of our cooperative in India, who put their heart and soul into the cultivation of this extraordinary fruit. Their dedication and expertise allow us to offer you a product of the highest quality. By trading our Lotao Jackfruit Veggie Hack you not only support healthy eating, but also the farmers and their families who are proud to pass on their traditional methods and strengthen their community.

How does Lotao support jackfruit farmers?

1. Together with the DEG (German Development Aid Society) we will continue our development project until 2024.

2. The project will directly benefit 900 farming families . 250 hectares of land are certified according to ecological criteria and 25,000 trees are planted

3. Together we are building a Gold Star Training Center to train India's best available research and agroforestry practices.

4. Farmers and cooperatives are specifically trained to strengthen the Indian organic sector as a whole.

Bild einbinden
Lotao Nachhaltigkeit

With what goal?

1. The value chain is to be further improved, in particular through the local production of ready meals (improvement of infrastructure)

2. In focus: the optimization of the production and supply chain of frozen jackfruit pieces (refrigerated containers for transport, production + processing locally on site)

3. Extension of the project to other tree fruits and useful plants, such as e.g. B. organic cinnamon, mango and sandalwood.

4. Start-up export of various other bulk crops such as cinnamon, sandalwood, mango, and gluten-free flours (banana, arrowroot, cassava, jackfruit)

The Unique Benefits of Lotao Veggie Hack

Mit dem bio-veganen Hackfleischersatz Veggie Hack von Lotao kann man leckere Tacos kochen


As a vegetarian or vegan alternative to conventional minced meat in a wide variety of dishes such as burgers, pasta sauces and stuffed vegetables.

Veganer Hackbraten mit Lotao bio Veggie Hack als vegane Hackfleischalternative


The texture of Lotao Veggie Mince is very close to the chewing sensation of meat due to the ingredient jackfruit - confusing!


We significantly reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption compared to conventional meat products!

How to use Lotao Veggie Hack?

Stuffed vegetables

Stuff zucchini or peppers with veggies, cheese, and Lotao Veggie Mince to create a filling and healthy dinner.

Vegane Fertiggerichte wie Chili sin Carne oder Bolognese Sauce in der Kennenlernbox genießen

Bolognese or Chili sin Carne

Simply replace the ground beef with our Veggie Mince in your favorite Bolognese recipe and taste the difference!

Lotao ist ein professioneller Private Label Hersteller mit Bio-Zertifizierung im Bereich vegane Lebensmittel und bietet Jackfruit Burger an

veggie burger

Enjoy juicy and delicious meatless burgers. Try our recipes - you will be surprised how good they taste!

What do our customers say?


"I've always been looking for a mince without meat that tastes good. I've finally found it!"

Klaus W

"The veggie hack is a real game changer. Honestly, it tastes better than any ground beef I've ever eaten."

Monica G

"Great taste and even better for the environment - I recommend it to everyone!"

Tanya L

What do our customers say?

In which products do we use Lotao Veggie Hack?

Lotao Veggie Mince

Veggie Burger Mix

Veggie Meatballs

Sauce Bolognese

Chili sin carne

Instant Bolognese


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