Asiatsiches Essen mit Lotao Reis und JackfruitReis und Jackfruit in verschiedenen asiatischen Gerichten


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Lotao Veggie Mince - made with pea protein and jackfruit

Good news for protein lovers: Our veggie mince based on jackfruit and peas contains four times as much protein as conventional minced animal meat. The fact that it is not only an excellent source of protein, but also provides fiber, makes veggie mince one of our top bestsellers. What customers particularly appreciate about the veggie mince: As a dry product, it does not need to be refrigerated, so it takes up little space in the pantry and has a long shelf life. Good reasons for the cheaper set of three, right?

Black Rice Royal Pearl - the black rice of the powerful

Black rice is a rarity among the types of rice because its cultivation is very laborious. It has been cultivated in China for hundreds of years. It has always been attributed special powers in ancient China, so only the emperor was allowed to enjoy it, which is why it is also known as "rice of the mighty" or "forbidden rice". LOTAO customers particularly appreciate the aromatic, slightly nutty aroma of this natural whole grain rice and its crunchy bite. With its unmistakable, strong note, our bestseller makes an excellent accompaniment to fish or meat dishes, but is just as good in spicy salads.

Lotao Chili sin Carne with Veggie Mince – Ready to eat

The popular classic, in its vegan, ready-to-cook version, has become a bestseller among LOTAO customers and is also tasty for flexitarians. With red kidney beans and LOTAO veggie mince made from pea protein and jackfruit, our Chili sin Carne is a clever 3-minute dish to heat up. That's the spicy one
Organic delicacy the quick solution for lunch breaks or after work. Good to know: Chili sin Carne can also be kept outside of the fridge. So it's best to stock up on supplies just in case.