Fast kitchen

Our vegan ready meals and instant options are the quick, organic-certified solution for your everyday life. Delicious and served in no time!

LOTAO Fast Food: Healthy Vegan Ready Meals

Many of us are familiar with the daily balancing act between work, family, household and the desire for some relaxation in our free time. In addition, it is best to have something sensible on the table every day. Because when it comes to that, we basically have a lot of good intentions. We want to eat healthily, it should be as balanced as possible, preferably organic. However, we are not always able or willing to afford the effort that this requires. Healthy and at the same time fast food - that would be ideal for days like this!

Frozen pizza and takeaway as saviors in times of need?

And so we stand in front of frozen pizza, tortellini and co. in the supermarket in the evening because we are once again late. Now it's just a matter of preparing a complete meal quickly and easily. Vegan ready meals are now even available from discounters, but what about the degree of processing and additives? We gladly ignore the label for once.

Similarly during the lunch break. Meal prepping requires a certain amount of planning, but when we look into the almost empty fridge in the morning, we know: There will have to be a quick lunch today, too. From the takeaway or the chip shop?

Is home cooking automatically healthier?

A rule that Grandma always tried to drum into us. This is also often repeated like a mantra in modern nutritional science. But if you read more closely, this principle refers to many aspects: degree of freshness, quality, degree of processing of the food and additives used.

At LOTAO, we have our own rules for healthy, fast cooking. Fast meals make life easier, but they not only have to be practical, they also have to be good for us. We ensure this with organic products that are as natural as possible and processed with care. No flavor enhancers or artificial flavors, no preservatives, no additives. Promised.

Fast cooking in less than 20 minutes

Fast cooking with dishes that are prepared in less than 20 minutes, based on delicious recipes or as vegan ready meals - wouldn't that be a dream? In the LOTAO shop you will find everything you need to get through stressful days with sensible meals.

Our Rice Pots and Jackpots, which you only have to stir with hot water, are ideal for when you're hungry . If you often don't have time to cook, stock up on our ready meals or spreads. If you want to cook quickly, but can plan 10 to 20 minutes for it, then we have just the right thing for you in the shop. By the way, you can find delicious recipes for all LOTAO products here in our blog.

Lightning-fast cold cuisine with LOTAO Lotus spreads

Our lotus spreads are ideal for dinner or a quick lunch break. Not only do they taste good as a spread, they are also a delicious dip for crunchy vegetable sticks. The colorful trio in three flavors is easy to transport and store in the screw-top jar.

Just heat and enjoy with LOTAO vegan ready meals

Lotus not only tastes good in a spread, but also in our three stews , which you can heat up in a pot or in the microwave in three minutes. Another hot tip for you, if you prefer your food to be on the table right away, is our Chili sin Carne . A vegan ready meal in a practical bag for the microwave.

Quick cooking with jackfruit in 5-6 minutes

Our jackfruit jokers make it quick and easy for you! Your vegan Bolognese is on the table in record-breaking speed. While you are cooking the pasta, all you have to do is heat the ready-to-cook sauce in the microwave. Our tip: For an all-round healthy meal, it is best to use pasta made from chickpeas or lentils. Another advantage is their short cooking time of only about five minutes.

With jackfruit goulash, jackfruit barbecue, jackfruit curry and our jackfruit veggie balls, you have a solid basis for a complete meal on the table in no more than six minutes. It's nice if you still have enough time to prepare fragrant rice or potatoes as a side dish. Maybe you have something left over from the day before - keyword Meal Prep? Incidentally, couscous is also a particularly quick side dish. If necessary, a piece of good bread will do.

Cook quickly with LOTAO in 10 – 20 minutes

You can prepare quick dishes with jackfruit burger patties. Whether classic as a burger, in vegetable pans, bowls or wraps - during the ten minutes that the patties are frying, you have time to conjure up a delicious accompaniment. You can marinate and cook our natural jackfruit in around twenty minutes according to your taste. What delicious things can you do with it? Take a look at our recipe pages!