No, participation in the Lotao loyalty program is free. All you need to do is create a customer account.

By creating a customer account, you automatically participate in the Lotao loyalty program and collect Veggie-Taler with every order.

You can view your points balance and activities via your customer account or the menu when you are logged in.

You can collect Veggie-Taler by carrying out the activities listed above under the heading "How do you collect Veggie-Taler". These include, for example, creating your customer account, ordering in the online shop and liking on Instagram.

You must first convert your collected Veggie-Taler into a voucher. You can then use the code you receive for your order.

You can convert your Veggie-Taler into various gifts, which are detailed above under the heading "How do you redeem Veggie-Taler?" You can convert your points into a voucher for the online shop or a donation, for example.