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Find high-quality, organic-certified sugars and discover aromatic alternatives to industrial sugar. Perfect for conscious sweetening with natural quality.
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    Sugar specialties from all over the world

    • Natural sweeteners
    • Versatile
    • Sustainably produced
    • Controlled organic cultivation

    Our sugar products are South Asian specialties. The selection includes rarities that have an exquisite taste profile thanks to their special production and properties. They give dishes an aromatic sweetness and a refined finish.

    Whether you want to add the finishing touch to your dessert, sweeten your tea or add an aromatic contrast to a hearty meal, these types of sugar are a culinary enrichment. Get to know our products:

    Jaggery Kiss raw cane sugar - sugar pleasure according to Ayurvedic tradition

    The natural, sustainable cane sugar specialty is produced for LOTAO in small businesses in northern India according to old tradition. It is mild and soft, with a round taste and a delicate sweetness. The Ayurvedic sugar specialty has been processed in the same way for centuries. During the production process, an Ayurveda master monitors compliance with Ayurvedic principles. The end product is considered particularly valuable. Use: LOTAO Jaggery Kiss is the star among coffee sugars - because of its fine consistency and excellent spreadability. It is also suitable as baking sweetener or for homemade sweets. To the product

    Maya Kiss Agave Sweetener - Sprinkled sweetener made from blue agave

    In the production of Agave Kiss, organic agave syrup is gently evaporated until only the fine, crystalline agave sugar remains. Agave Kiss is naturally gluten and lactose free. Ideal for all your sweet desires, agave dissolves quickly even in cold drinks. Maya Kiss has a consistently mild taste and a long shelf life. Use: With its pleasant taste, Maya Kiss is ideal for sweetening drinks, fruit preparations and also for pastries. Maya Kiss is particularly finely powdered and easily soluble. To the product

    Rice Kiss Rice sweetness - fructose-free sugar specialty

    In the production of LOTAO Rice Kiss, organic rice syrup is gently dried until a mild, crystalline sweetness develops. The finely crystalline white powder has a light note of butter and honey. The organic rice sweetener is naturally free of gluten, fructose and milk sugar (lactose). This makes rice sweetener particularly well tolerated.

    Use: With its delicate taste, LOTAO Rice Kiss is wonderfully suitable for sweetening hot and cold drinks, but also for all types of pastries. The mild sweetener is finely powdered and easily soluble. To the product

    Java Kiss - Aromatic coconut blossom sugar

    The organic coconut blossom sugar is an Indonesian rarity that enriches life like a tender kiss. The sweet nectar of the coconut blossom turns into a fine crystalline sugar with gentle caramel aromas in the cauldron over the wood fire.

    Special features: The sugar is made from 100% pure coconut blossom nectar, unrefined and processed very gently so that the nutrients contained in the sugar are preserved. The sugar is also rich in vitamins and has a low glycemic index.

    Use: LOTAO Java Kiss is perfect for sweet dishes, for cooking and baking biscuits, cakes and soufflés, and for sweetening coffee or tea. To the product