Lotao Jaggery Kiss Zucker
Hochwertiger Rohrohrzucker Jaggery Kiss

Jaggery Kiss Raw Cane Sugar

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Jaggery Kiss brings the sweetness of tradition to your kitchen. This raw cane sugar, obtained from controlled organic cultivation, is the result of Ayurvedic craftsmanship. A traditional sugar speciality that impresses with its rich, authentic taste.
✓ 100% ORGANIC quality
✓ Traditional sugar speciality
✓ Ayurvedic handcraft
✓ Free from impurities

Lotao Jaggery Kiss raw cane sugar a traditional product without equal. Because according to a centuries-old tradition, Jaggery Zucker is created by the loving handwork of North Indian small farmers and small businesses, who are carefully selected according to organic certification. In addition, an Ayurveda master monitors the production of raw cane sugar and compliance with Ayurveda principles. This makes Indian sugar a cane sugar specialty.

Processing: The sugar cane is traditionally harvested by local farmers in the field and tied into bundles. This makes it easier for them to be transported to the next production facility. The sugar cane is then put through a grinder to extract the juice. Water is poured into a large vessel for further processing and the collected juice is added through a pipe. Secret ingredients follow. The vessel is heated by a fire from below so that the water and sugar mixture begins to boil. All impurities reach the surface and can be skimmed off. The syrup is reduced and thickened until the raw cane sugar is viscous. The mixture is processed until a sticky mass is formed. This reduced, must-like sugar is further dried in small containers and then ground to form a crystalline structure.

Jaggery Kiss (250g):

Unrefined sugar cane raw sugar* (100%)
*from controlled organic cultivation

100 g contain on average:


calorific value 1491kJ (356kcal)
fat 0g
of which saturated fatty acids 0g
carbohydrates 88g
of which sugars 80g
protein 0.9g
salt 0g


Replace conventional sugar 1:1 with Ayurvedic raw cane sugar Jaggery Kiss.


100% natural


This sugar is typically supplied in blocks consisting of solidified sugar syrup concentrate. The sugar can only be sprinkled through the gentle drying process and the subsequent pulverization. Nevertheless, the moisture content remains higher than with conventional sugars, so that it forms so-called agglomerates. This is what is called the accumulation of previously loose components. This can be exacerbated by transport. However, this property or ability is typical of the raw material and characteristic of the sugar and therefore does not represent a qualitative defect.

Lotao Jaggery Kiss is made from natural raw cane sugar according to Ayurvedic tradition.

Lotao Jaggery Kiss has an intense caramel aroma and a natural taste.

Hochwertiger Rohrohrzucker Jaggery Kiss

✓ 100% ORGANIC quality
✓ Traditional sugar speciality
✓ Ayurvedic handcraft
✓ Free from impurities

Herkunftsland Indien

Lotao Jaggery Kiss is an Ayurvedic cane sugar specialty that is traditionally made for Lotao in small businesses in northern India. Here Lotao lives up to the trend of sweetening responsibly and carefully, because Lotao raw cane sugar Jaggery Kiss is natural and sustainably produced. Jaggery is made in northern India and has been processed in the same way for centuries. During the production process, an Ayurveda master monitors compliance with Ayurvedic principles.

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