Discover our vegan instant meals and fruit chips - the perfect, healthy snack for in between meals. Ideal for camping, being on the go and school days. Simple, quick and can be enjoyed anywhere!
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    Vegan & healthy snacks

    Even though we know it's not ideal, sometimes we just can't get away from work in time for a proper lunch. The work breaks are once again shorter than planned. The stomach growls audibly, but there is still another meeting to complete. At the end of the day, the hunger is big, but the desire to cook is small...

    There are countless reasons for a snack between meals or a quick, simple convenience meal. But don't go for fast food, junk food or unhealthy snacks!

    For exactly such cases, we at LOTAO have a range of healthy, vegan snacks up our sleeve. Whether on the go, in the office or in the home office: All of our warm dishes, sweet or savory, can be easily taken anywhere and are quickly prepared. Spoon, kettle or hot water from a thermos flask, that's all you need for our spicy jackpot duo or our sweet rice pot trio.

    With Crispy Jack and Crispy Snakefruit, we have also developed fruity nibbles based on fresh organic fruit that are guaranteed to keep you going until your next proper meal. Completely without added sugar. Incidentally, it also tastes incredibly good with your favorite series or when hiking. And is better than the usual high-calorie candy bar in every way!

    The spicy jackpot as a vegan 5-minute meal

    This delicious, vegan convenience food is presented in a cup made from mostly renewable raw materials. Jackpot Bolognese and Jackpot Curry are the names of the two specialists for the "hot hunger" in between.

    Italian tradition with creamy tomato sauce and Spirelli pasta meets vegan pea protein mince with a portion of exotic jackfruit at Jackpot Bolognese. Inspired by the culinary classic, the Bio-Jackpot Bolognese proves that finesse and convenience fit in the same cup.

    Or would you rather go to India during the lunch break? This is easily achieved with the exotically scented Jackpot Curry, authentically seasoned with turmeric, cumin and coriander. Creamy curry sauce based on coconut milk powder encases tender pieces of jackfruit and light noodles made from durum wheat semolina. Another wholesome 5-minute meal that will not only appeal to vegans and vegetarians, but anyone looking to reduce their meat consumption.

    Good to know: hot water and a spoon are all you need to prepare the savory duo.
    Lid on, water on it, stir vigorously and then just a little bit of patience. Leave for five minutes, stirring occasionally. Take a sniff in between, think about the trip to Italy or India and look forward to a quick treat... The savory snack is ready! Who would have thought that vegan and balanced could go so quickly?!

    Naturally organic and vegan, and without any flavor enhancers, colorings or preservatives - with the Jackpot, LOTAO has a healthy alternative to currywurst, fries & Co. in its range. Even two, to be precise!

    Nibble the healthy way with exotic vegan fruit snacks

    Crunchy-sweet and made from organic fruits that come from Indonesian farmer cooperatives - these are our fruit crisps Crispy Jack and Crispy Snakefruit. Both Crispy variants are healthy, vegan snacks for in between, which are carefully prepared from fresh fruit. Our natural fruit chips are therefore guaranteed to be free of palm oil, allergens or preservatives, and are also vegan and organic. Crispy Snakefruit and Crispy Jack are also made without added sugar, the sugar they contain is natural fructose.

    Crispy Jack consists of jackfruit, which has long been popular as a meat substitute. However, it not only cuts a fine figure in LOTAO's savory snacks or in our veggie hack series, but also as a sweet fruit to nibble on. While the young, unripe jackfruit is used for Veggie Hack products or Jackfruit Naturel, our farmers harvest the ripe jackfruit by hand for Crispy Jack. The fruits are then gently chopped up and vacuum-fried so that they retain 100 percent of their natural aroma.

    The exotic fruit of the salak palm, which is still largely unknown in this country, is called snake fruit. Directly from the forests of Sumatra, we bring them to the snack crowd as an extraordinary vegan snack Crispy Snakefruit. The taste of the snake fruit, which incidentally gets its name from the scaly skin, is reminiscent of pears, lychees or blueberries. In addition to its intensely fruity note, the snake fruit particularly impresses with its wealth of nutrients, because it contains B vitamins, vitamins C and E as well as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.

    Not just for nostalgics: warm rice pudding as vegan soul food

    Who doesn't like to remember favorite childhood foods like sweet rice pudding or rice casseroles? Especially in difficult situations or when we are stressed, we unconsciously choose such soul food or comfort food. In the subconscious we associate it with emotional well-being - and sometimes that's just good for us.

    The new organic rice pots from LOTAO are not only soul food, but also perfect little hunger pangs in between. Therefore warmly recommended for all situations in life: whether in the office break, as a second breakfast, against the dreaded afternoon slump or as a surprise dessert in the evening - a rice pot always tastes good and is quickly prepared.

    With the Rice Pots, LOTAO has developed grandma's classic into a modern, vegan dessert with the flavor nuances of chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon, which you can enjoy without a guilty conscience. Sweet childhood memories meet uncomplicated, vegan organic food here. Instead of the traditional short-grain rice, instant long rice grains provide a heartier taste experience. In addition, organic coconut milk powder replaces cow's milk.

    The preparation is very simple: remove the lid, pour hot water up to the mark, stir well, wait a few minutes, then enjoy. Pure well-being!

    Incidentally, our vegan snacks are just as easy to store as they are to prepare! They have a long shelf life even without preservatives and do not need to be stored in a cool place. So it's best to buy a supply here in the LOTAO shop just in case.