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As a professional and competent partner in the food industry, we work closely with you to create your desired product or food concept. Your brand, our manufacturing expertise: We are specialists for dry goods such as baked goods, ready meals, cereal products and sweet and savory snacks.

Finding exquisite culinary rarities that we carefully refine into organic dishes for connoisseurs is a matter close to our hearts for us at Lotao. This is how we create innovative products with which we hope to inspire connoisseurs to take a culinary journey through the cuisines of different countries.

Sustainable, ethical action determines the entire Lotao supply chain from cultivation to delivery. We pay fair prices to our farmers, support them with training and certifications and have our own environmental project for sustainability in India.

Vegan cuisine is simple and enjoyable with innovative (semi-)ready meals, veggie mince, jackfruit products, exquisite rice and sweet snacks. Sugar specialties and baking mixes round off our range. Certified organic quality, 100% natural ingredients, produced fairly and honestly. No flavor enhancers, preservatives or additives.

Your contact person

Daniela Fründ

Sales Manager Private Label

Tel.: +49 30 4202572 14

Our certifications

Our services as a private label manufacturer

LPP Lotao als professioneller Private Label Partner berät Sie bei Ihrer Lohnproduktion


From the product idea to implementation it is often a long path with interfaces to different areas. Let's be creative together and fully exploit the implementation possibilities to bring your desired product onto the market. We accompany you from conception through implementation to logistical processing.

LPP Lotao als professioneller Private Label Partner mit einem großen Portfolio für ihre Lohnproduktion

Portfolio ready for sale

Through intensive product development, we have already built up an exciting portfolio with a large variety of different products. We are happy to implement existing recipes, mono products and various dry mixtures at short notice.

LPP Lotao als professioneller Private Label Partner kümmert sich um die Produktentwicklung ihrer Lohnproduktion

Product development

Constantly new challenges to customer tastes and food requirements are inspiration for us in the search for new trends and the adaptation of well-known products. A large part of our time and work is dedicated to product development in order to achieve the best taste experience. Because taste is the art of understanding the little things.

LPP Lotao als professioneller Private Label Partner hat ein großes Netzwerk für Ihre Lohnproduktion

Big network

We focus on high-quality ingredients, sustainable business for a future-proof, fair trading world and transparent supply chains. We exchange ideas intensively with our cooperation partners in order to continuously grow together. Benefit from our network of reliable partners.

LPP Lotao als professioneller Private Label Partner mit BIO-Kompetenz für ihre Lohnproduktion

BIO competence

We only offer high-quality organic products because protecting natural resources, animal welfare and biodiversity are important values ​​for us. Our competence is underlined by the organic and Naturland certification.

Our process

We bring the trends to your shelves

As a reliable partner, we accompany you all the way to your finished product. Our quality management accompanies the process from the beginning, so that we always have your specifications in mind.

Product Portfolio

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Vegan Dry Products

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Ready to heat

Vegan Ready Meals

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Grainy Companions

Organic Premium Rice

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Spreads & Tapenades

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Plant Drinks & Drinking Chocolate

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The most frequently asked questions about your private label food

The minimum order quantity is between 20,000-45,000 pieces depending on the product. The minimum production quantity is individual for each item and depends on the packaging material. We would be happy to find the ideal packaging solution together!

Each packaging can be uniquely designed and printed with the desired design. Additional stickers or booklets offer space for promotions or additional information. Whether the packaging design is puristic, playful or in corporate design is entirely up to the individual. In addition to the design, the choice of packaging material is essential in order to make the product sustainable and useful.

We have the following certifications: EU Organic, IFS, Naturland, Fairtrade & V-Label. We would be happy to check further certifications for the implementation of your projects.

How quickly a project can be implemented depends largely on what product it is and how
it is about the availability of the raw materials. Usually it takes from the
Product idea to implementation between 6-9 months. We even have it in 4
months done. Product development and
However, recipe changes/adjustments may take a little more time to adequately check the quality requirements.

LPP Lotao ist ein Private Label Lohnhersteller für bio-vegane LebensmittelLPP Lotao ist ein Private Label Lohnhersteller für bio-vegane Lebensmittel


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