Always in the luggage

Enjoyment without compromise.

For your trip with the campervan or to the campsite

Cooking in the campervan made easy!

➜ You have with you: A kettle or a hot plate

✓ Just add hot water to our instant dishes for a small meal

✓ Ours bowls and sauces simply heat it up in a pot on the hotplate and enjoy it alone or with side dishes

For delicious food on your next hiking trip

Into your hiking backpack:

➜ A thermos flask with hot water: This way you can enjoy our instant meals hot even on the hike

✓ Our jackpots and Rice Pots are small and tasty refreshments for in between meals

✓ Your strength is decreasing? The crispy snakefruit chips give you an energy boost

For your delicious picnic by the lake

Off to your picnic basket:

➜ For the next trip to a picnic or to the lake, simply prepare a few treats that you can also enjoy cold

Mediterranean Bowl spiced up with rocket and fresh tomatoes as a salad

✓ Prepared veggie balls as a vegan meatball alternative

✓ Crunchy Jackfruit chips as a snack between meals

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