Naturally. Vegan.

Lotao stands for vegan, sustainable and high-quality organic products. It is our concern to track down culinary rarities, to share knowledge and enjoyment. We want to bring people with cultures and culinary traditions together. Fair and ethical. Lotao produces food with passion.

The company was founded in 2011 by Stefan Fak. On a trip to the Mekong Delta (Vietnam), the Austrian discovered the world of rice - its botanical diversity and cultural significance.

In addition to rice specialties, Lotao now also sells special sugar, coconut and jackfruit products from South Asia. When selecting its producers, the company focuses on diversity, sustainable cultivation and quality. It regularly wins awards for its innovative performance.

The company employs around 28 people today. It is based in Berlin and Neustadt Glewe (production). The Lewitz workshop team also works for Lotao.

Lotao Picknick mit Veggie Balls
Commitment on site

In India, Lotao supports a further training project for Indian farmers who grow jackfruit together with an agricultural foundation and the German Investment and Development Aid Society.

The aim of the project, which is geared towards the common good, is to strengthen sustainable agriculture without pesticides on site. This succeeds with transfer and the professional support of farmers on their way to independence.

origin of the name

The name Lotao means "the gold of the peoples". The term is derived from the Creole "Lo" for gold and from "Mag Tao" which means "peoples" in Tagalogese. The name expresses the company's vision of sharing knowledge about food diversity and safeguarding cultural heritage.