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Lotao XXL tea towel “Ant”

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LIMITED EDITION Your unique piece: Absolutely unique pieces
✓ Regional craftsmanship from Berlin
✓ In collaboration with artist Friederike Bérat
✓ Upcycled material linen with screen printing technique
✓ XXL size: 80x60 cm

Alle Lotao-Produkte bestehen zu 100% aus natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen.

100% natural

Alle Lotao-Produkte bestehen zu 100% aus pflanzlichen Inhaltsstoffen und sind damit vegan.

100% vegan

Alle Lotao-Produkte sind lecker und haben den Genuss als höchste Priorität

100% enjoyment

Transform your kitchen into art with our extraordinary Lotao tea towel "Ant", which was created in a special collaboration with the screen printing artist Friederike Bérat. This kitchen towel shows how art can transform everyday life into something unique.

Friederike Bérat's artworks not only decorate walls and galleries, but have also found a special place in our kitchens. In an exclusive project for Lotao, she combines her artistic skills with a fascinating mix of Berlin's characteristic landmarks, surprising motifs and individual Lotao elements.

Friederike Bérat introduced the “Ant” edition in collaboration with the Iranian curator Amirali Ghasemi. The oversized ant, designed by Ghasemi, adorns this tea towel and gives it a unique touch. Friederike Bérat explains the basic idea: "Ants are clever animals that know where the good things are. Follow the ants and you will find the best fruits! Our ant brings the 'Lotao idea' to the city because it is coming to Berlin to find the best grain of rice."

The "Ant" cloths are made of high-quality linen, which is obtained from upcycled materials - a contribution to environmental protection. The material composition varies as does the color. Measuring 60x80 cm, hand-sewn and individually designed, slight variations may occur making each cloth unique.

The prints are created using the fascinating iris printing technique, which means that color variations and irregularities in the red coloring can occur. No two cloths are the same, and occasional splashes of color are part of the individual charm. Give your kitchen an artistic touch with our Lotao "Ant" tea towel and discover the connection between art and kitchen in a completely new way.

- Unique pieces: Color, exact size and materials can vary from piece to piece
- Created from upcycled material linen
- Hand-sewn

To ensure the longest possible durability, we recommend the following care instructions:

- Wash at 40 degrees
- The environmentally friendly printing ink is water-based, so it is better to wash it at 40 degrees. Occasionally, washing at 60 degrees doesn't do any harm.

Size: The tea towels are approx. 60x80cm in size. Since these are hand-sewn from upcycled materials, there may be slight variations.
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