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New vegan delicacies: discover our lotus specialties

A few years ago, our food scouts at LOTAO proved they had a knack for coming food trends when they discovered jackfruit as a previously almost unknown, healthy food. We were among the first to bring jackfruit to European kitchens with innovative organic dishes.

Vegan, with lots of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, i.e. with health benefits, and easy to prepare – this is exactly how we at LOTAO imagine modern nutrition.
Our new discovery for 2022: superfood lotus seeds
Since this year we have been dealing with a new, exciting food: the valuable seeds of the Indian lotus flower. With their health-promoting benefits, they have always been part of many dishes in Asia. In the meantime, they are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany as functional food or even superfood.
Finding such an extraordinary food, then refining it in order to inspire connoisseurs to culinary discoveries, that is of course entirely to our taste!

Ready to cook and convenient: our Lotus range

As with all our products, we not only value the organic quality of the raw materials for our vegan innovations, but also the uncomplicated preparation. This is how the idea for our ready-to-cook convenience products based on the new superfood lotus seeds for health-conscious connoisseurs came about.

Our stews and spreads with lotus seeds are a naturally colorful feast for the eyes simply because of their ingredients. They send you on a culinary journey of discovery and bring a lot of variety to your plate not only in terms of colour, but also in terms of taste. Incidentally, the practical screw-top jar ensures that you can easily transport them and keep them open even after they have been opened.

Innovative warm meal: the lotus stews

A small pot or the microwave is enough for you to prepare our lotus stews. Simply unscrew the screw cap, remove and heat - and your delicious lotus dish is ready.

With "Lotus-Curry-Eintopf" your journey of pleasure starts directly in the home of the lotus plant. Sweet potatoes, coconut milk, lemongrass, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon and curry refined with whole lotus seeds promise you Asian taste experiences.

On the other hand, it gets hearty European with our “Lotus-Gemüse-Gulash” with potatoes, onions, paprika and caraway or the “Lotus-Lentil-Soup” with yellow lentils, carrots, leeks and celery. Both stews also contain whole lotus seeds.

Whether in the home office or office, during the lunch break or for dinner - our vegan lotus stews are ready to eat and you only need to heat them up briefly. You can either enjoy them on their own or combine them with side dishes - our rice range, for example, is ideal for this.

Our stews with lotus seeds are available individually or in a set of three. If you want to get to know the whole culinary variety, then choose our colorful mixed set.

Lotus spreads for quick enjoyment

Are you a fan of exotic spreads or dips? Then get our vegan spreads with crushed lotus seeds in three different flavors!

Hearty German today, Indian tomorrow and the day after tomorrow just a little south? Goes clear with our colorful spread trio. Maybe you let yourself be picked up first by "Beetroot Lotus", in which the exotic lotus seeds harmonize wonderfully with beetroot, mustard seed and horseradish? For a short taste trip to India afterwards, we suggest our spread "Lentils Lotus". Here ground lotus seeds meet red lentils. The whole thing is refined with ginger, curry and mustard seed. On the other hand, our “Lotus Tomato” spread with tomatoes, peppers, carrots and delicious spices brings real Mediterranean flair to your plate.

Good to know: Not only as a spread on bread or in wraps, but also as a colorful dip, our trio of lotus spreads really puts you in a good mood! Whether for lunch, dinner or in between: Combined with vegetable sticks such as carrots, celery or paprika, you have conjured up a colorful snack with few calories and lots of nutrients with the lotus spreads in no time at all.

Be inspired by our lotus spreads! You can get to know the whole trio in a mixed set. The spreads are also available individually or as a set of three for every taste.