Lotao Team: three questions for Stefan Fak

As we all know, there is a passionate team behind every idea and every great product. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to the people behind Lotao in the following weeks, ask them about their very personal tips and of course about their favorite products . To give you a little foretaste of the next posts, here are the first three questions to “the Risolier” himself:

Three questions for Stefan Fak:

What are you at Lotao?
Founder and CEO.
What is your favorite Lotao product?
I don't have anything specific, but the Lotao Bali Pur salt is used in my kitchen from morning to evening.
What is your personal Lotao secret?
That I really don't cook any dish anymore without adding coconut blossom sugar to Java Kiss - even to savory dishes! For me, that always includes some fresh lemon juice.

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