Jackpot Süß-Sauer

Lotaos Jackpot Sweet and Sour

Home office is a great thing: short distances and a familiar environment for efficient work. But if we're honest, there are a few things that are definitely neglected when working at home. The lunch break, for example. There is either a lack of time or inspiration, and usually both . Ideally, the perfect lunch is prepared quickly, tasty and healthy so as not to put additional strain on the sedentary organism. Preparing such a snack is now very easy: with the vegan jackpots from Lotao . The Jackpot is a healthier reinterpretation of the classic 5 minute terrine, organic, completely free of additives and preservatives. Of course vegan.
Hungry but no time to cook?
With the new Jackpot in the 'sweet and sour' variety, we offer a modern, vegan version of Chinese soul food and easily bring exotic enjoyment into your home. In addition to pineapple, carrots, tomatoes, chili and organic rice, the delicious snack contains a creamy sweet and sour sauce with tender jackfruit pieces, which are freeze-dried directly after harvesting. Simply pour hot water into the Lotao Jackpot sweet and sour, wait five minutes and you're done!
There is rice!
The sweet and sour sauce originally comes from the south of China , from the area and around Guangdong. Today it is an integral part of Asian cuisine, whether as a dip for spring rolls , for dim sum or in sweet and sour dishes with meat, seafood or fish. Even though there are many variations with sweet and sour sauce, there is one thing that should not be missing from any dish: rice. The Sweet and Sour Jackpot is no exception here - when mixed with hot water, you can enjoy the finest aromatic organic rice after just a short time . In order to avoid preservatives, the jackfruit flesh contained in the Sweet and Sour Jackpot is freeze-dried immediately after harvesting - a process that is successfully used thanks to the Lotao project “Sustainable JF in India”. The development project supports organic jackfruit farmers to improve the quality of the fruit harvested locally and to professionalize their production so that a sustainable, fair and lucrative sales market can develop . Freeze drying has already significantly increased the added value for jackfruit farmers in the region.
Tip: You can also refine the sweet and sour jackpot with diced, fresh pineapple, peppers or a spring onion cut into fine rings. After waiting 5 minutes, simply fold in the ingredients. Everything about jackfruit: Jackfruit-Fleischersatz.com

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