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Rice sets a precedent

Starting signal for the “Rice goes to school” project! Together with you, we would like to introduce young people to the diversity and wealth of the little miracle grain.

That, that, that - rice is delicious and fun.

Every child knows rice: as rice pudding or risotto, as part of Asian cuisine or as a filling side dish for goulash, soups or stews, it is an indispensable part of our kitchen.
However, hardly anyone knows that there are 120,000 varieties of rice worldwide , where they come from and what different cultivation methods there are.
We would like to change that together with you: From now on, high-quality fair trade rice varieties from Lotao will be available in many school and kindergarten canteens. The “Rice goes to school” project focuses on rice and uses the example of the grain of rice to show that healthy, high-quality dishes can be cooked so easily .
Rice is very healthy, especially for young people: it contains a lot of starch but little fat and provides a lot of energy for the day. It is very, very well tolerated by young people with allergies and is the ideal anti-stress agent , especially during school stress, as it has a high proportion of magnesium .
The rice that Lotao provides for the “Rice goes to school” project is anything but ordinary rice: Due to the volcanic cultivation area, the rice is rich in minerals . It grows in nutrient-rich mud and is produced using a completely new cultivation method: the plant is strengthened from the roots so that the rice becomes more aromatic and productive .
By bringing this rare rice to schools, we also support farmers who want to preserve their variety.

Small grain is big: Support the “Rice goes to school” project

Support Reis sets school! We work closely with chefs and social institutions and would like to donate a high-quality meal to as many children as possible. To make this happen, we need your help. With just one euro, a school child can have a healthy rice meal. Would you like to support us? You can find all information about the project on the website and on the Reis Macht Schule crowdfunding platform .

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