Was ist die Salacca Schlangenfrucht?

Salacca snake fruit

The evergreen, thorny Salacca palm has its origins in the once lush rainforests of Sumatra and Java, where the fruits of this palm are harvested annually . The shell of the Salacca fruit consists of reddish-brown, overlapping scales and therefore looks strikingly similar to snake skin . This is why it is often referred to as snake fruit in German.
Thanks to its sweet and sour taste, snake fruit has established itself as a basic ingredient in many Asian desserts . Anyone who appreciates the sweetness of strawberries and bananas or the mildly puckering acidity of apples and blueberries will be happy with snake fruit. Their nutritional profile is just as sophisticated as their taste. It contains a rich variety of vitamins (B1, B2, C and E) and minerals (calcium, iron and potassium). In addition, its beta-carotene content is five times that of a mango.
In order to concentrate and preserve the valuable qualities of this extraordinary fruit , Lotao's snake fruits are processed into "Crispy Snakefruit" chips.
Lotao's snake fruit chips owe their quality to the organically certified cultivation of the “ Salak Pondoh ” species . This is particularly resistant and sought after by locals primarily because of its intense, sweet aroma . The consistency of Salak Pondoh ” is rather dry and particularly aromatic compared to its more than 30 counterparts at harvest time. This makes it ideal for further processing into chips, in which the inimitable properties of snake fruit are very well preserved .
If you would like to try the Lotao snake fruit, you can find the chips in selected grocery stores, in the Lotao online shop or have the opportunity to win one of 100 test packages (“Asia Gourmet Packages”). We're keeping our fingers crossed!

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