Lotao: BBQ time! The vegan must-haves

As soon as the first lukewarm evenings approach, the coal is usually ready and people start grilling. This year too, we don't want to let the barbecue fun be spoiled and are moving the barbecue area to the garden at home or to the balcony. After all, grilling is and remains one of the Germans' favorite hobbies - and that goes far beyond the classic bratwurst and neck steak. Nowadays, vegetarians and vegans don't have to miss out on the delicious grilled pleasure. On the contrary, retailers like the Berlin company Lotao offer a great selection of meat-free alternatives that bring a delicious variety to the grill thanks to exotic ingredients.
Above all, jackfruit, a popular meat alternative from India. Now much more than just a food trend, jackfruit is low in calories and fat and rich in vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. The flesh of the young fruit resembles the structure of tender chicken and can be refined with spices, oils and herbs to create a real BBQ delicacy. An absolute must-have for every barbecue evening!

A classic with a difference: the vegan jackfruit burger

The vegan jackfruit burger from Lotao is a must on any grill (or grill pan) this season. The Öko-Test test winner delights grill professionals and vegans with its crispy consistency and spicy aroma. The meat-like texture of jackfruit, mixed with plant proteins, transforms the vegan classic into a sophisticated, exotic delicacy.
Already seasoned and refined with fresh herbs, the jackfruit burger is ready after just 5 minutes - the juicy, golden brown crust is guaranteed to make even the biggest meat lover reach for the vegan version. For a well-rounded taste experience, the veggie burger can be ideally combined with tomatoes and lettuce as well as guacamole, classic BBQ or cocktail sauces. Particularly practical: The jackfruit patty can be stored unrefrigerated and is therefore durable throughout the entire grilling season and is always ready to grab and grill.
The Lotao Jackfruit Burger is available in well-stocked organic and grocery stores or via the Lotao online shop at a price of EUR 3.99 each (RRP).

Simply homemade: The veggie hack

The vegan organic granulate Veggie Hack is the latest innovation on the meat substitute products market. The mince made from 100% plant-based ingredients is quick and easy to prepare and promises completely allergen-free grilling enjoyment.
Versatile, Veggie Hack , consisting of pea protein and jackfruit flour granules, can be used not only for classic burger patties but also for homemade meatballs, vegetable minced skewers or delicious side dishes and salads. The meat substitute is not only an absolute highlight in terms of taste: the jackfruit it contains gives the product an amazing texture and bite, which makes it a versatile meat alternative.
The Lotao Green “Veggie Hack 100 g” will be available from mid-May 2020 in well-stocked organic and grocery stores or via the Lotao online shop at a price of EUR 3.99 each (RRP).

The number one grill snack: Lotao Crispy Jack

What would a barbecue evening be without the right nibbles? Anyone who likes to snack on the side but would like to avoid greasy chips etc. will not be able to get enough of this snack. The vegan Crispy Jack chips are natural and guaranteed to be free of palm oil and added sugar.
The ripe jackfruit is harvested by hand in Indonesian farmers' cooperatives, gently chopped and hot-air dried. This way, the fruity snack retains its exotic flavors and at the same time maintains its crunchy consistency.
Lotao “Crispy Jack” is available in well-stocked organic and grocery stores or via the Lotao online shop at a price of EUR 2.99 each (RRP).

For everyone who can't wait until the money runs out
The vegan 5-minute organic cup of Jackpot in the two flavors “Bolognese” and “Curry” is the ideal refreshment for in between meals.
Quickly prepared, the Jackpot has a natural and exotic taste without sacrificing organic quality. Whether as vegan minced meat in Bolognese or as a chicken alternative in curry, jackfruit proves to be an ideal meat substitute and delicious snack. Simply put the lid on, add water and enjoy.
The Lotao “Jackpots” will be available from May 2020 in well-stocked organic and grocery stores or via the Lotao online shop at a price of EUR 2.49 each (RRP).

About LPP Lotao Pack- und Produktions GmbH
LPP Lotao Pack- und Produktions GmbH, based in Berlin, was founded as Lotao GmbH in 2011 by Stefan Fak. The company is dedicated to exquisite Asian specialties, primarily in organic quality, and sells them on the European delicatessen and organic market. In addition to the “Lotao Deli” rice line, the extraordinary range also includes products made from coconut or sugar. With the jackfruit-based “Lotao Green” product range, Lotao is now conquering the market for meat substitute products. Further information at www.lotao.com.
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