Jetzt hören: Food Fak(t) Podcast – Nachhaltig genießen

Listen now: Food Fak(t) Podcast – Enjoy sustainably

Delicious, clean and cultivated – what are we eating tomorrow?

The Food Fak(t) podcast, which starts in October, is dedicated to the sustainable food of the future

Berlin, October 2023. In his new podcast Food Fak(t), Stefan Fak takes a close look at the food trends of tomorrow. Starting October 6th, an episode of this culinary column will appear every two weeks on Fridays with the founder of the vegan gourmet brand Lotao .

With knowledge and wit, speed and curiosity, the host, together with his guests from the food industry, illuminates diverse aspects of fair food concepts - including a sizzling diversity of opinions and amazing tastings.

Cartilaginous fish and mycelium meatballs

What does air protein taste like? Does dairy-free cheese close your stomach? Who decides on the ethical acceptability of a cultivated product and is fast food automatically fattening food? Together with experts and pioneers from the food cosmos, Risolier and optimist Fak researches convincing nutritional concepts and serves up surprising things. He wants to know how we can potentially feed 10 billion people wholesome and healthy foods while protecting our planet's resources.

The guest list illustrates open-mindedness and hunger for ideas: starting with Julian Hallet, whose founding company Happy Ocean Foods develops seafood and fish from plants - with respect for and taste for the ocean. Drugstore giants, foodtech start-ups, award-winning chefs, delivery services and food influencers follow.

Tacheles at the table: Host Stefan Fak wants to know exactly

Business economist Stefan Fak initially worked in advertising and the tourism industry for a few years before his search for new perspectives led him to Asia. There he falls in love with the endless rice fields of Vietnam. With fresh plans in hand and the absolute will to make nutrition climate-friendly and people-friendly, he founded Lotao. What started with a small grain of rice has developed into an international gourmet brand.

Over the next few years, Fak develops more and more into a food hunter; to the truffle pig, which deals critically, experimentally and passionately with different food concepts. His wealth of experience and openness make him the ideal sparring partner for an auditory deep dive.

Food Fak(t) provides listeners with information that they cannot get elsewhere. “I want to herald the end of greenwashing and blah blah in my podcast,” the Viennese succinctly describes what drives him. “I research solutions for philanthropic food concepts, ask provocative questions and hopefully raise awareness of fair coexistence – at the table and everywhere else.”

Host and production information:

Food Fak(t) is produced by Matthias Mückshoff. A cross-media communications team from Borgmeier PR Hamburg and Caspering Berlin is responsible for editorial and marketing.

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Additional Information:

- Stefan Fak live at the Anuga cooking show in Hall 5 | Monday, October 9th 1:30 p.m

- The social media presence: Food Fak(t) on Instagram

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