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Berlin, June 6, 2013. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world's northernmost rice growing region is in Switzerland, in the canton of Ticino. That should now change, because Risolier Stefan Fak wants to break this record together with an experimental farmer from Germany. “On my travels, I got to know some Asian mountain rice varieties that are resilient enough to grow and thrive even in northern climes,” says the Austrian-born, who has been producing forgotten Asian rice varieties for delicatessen and delicatessen under the LOTAO label for two years Biosegment sells.
The rice expert is therefore looking for a farmer from Germany who is interested and enjoys trying out sustainable rice cultivation and establishing his own - the northernmost rice variety in the world. Stefan Fak will take care of the seeds, provide advice and support in planting and maintaining the growing area and provide his marketing and sales channels.
“I am looking forward to intensive collaboration and a close exchange about the cultivation process and the selection of seeds for our first German rice,” says Stefan Fak. Interested farmers should provide a cultivation area of ​​at least five hectares for the experiment. The area is then cultivated by hand - a sensitivity to sustainable cultivation methods is therefore a prerequisite for participation.
The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has also pledged its support for the shooting of the northernmost rice-growing region. Achim Dobermann, Deputy Director General of Research at IRRI: “In principle, it should be possible to grow rice in Germany – the selection of seeds is crucial. There are some cold-resistant varieties with a relatively short growth phase that are suitable for this project.” Susan McCouch Professor at the Center for Seeds and Plant Breeding at Cornell University/NY is also pleased to be able to support the German rice project. In collaboration with the IRRI, the expert experimented with Japanese seeds from Hokkaido in Vermont in the northeast of the USA. In some cases, an irrigation system heated by solar energy was used to bridge the colder months during the growth phase - with success.
Risolier and LOTAO founder Stefan Fak has successfully demonstrated in the first two years of business that rice can be much more than just a filling side dish: more than 100 renowned delicatessen retailers not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also in France and Belgium , Spain, Poland, Great Britain and the Netherlands have added the LOTAO product range to their range.
The young company founder has now made a name for himself as Europe's first Risolier. In his expert blog www.risolier.com he regularly publishes interesting knowledge about the miracle grain. “My primary goal is still to spread the tried and tested rice secrets and to preserve the variety of varieties,” explains Stefan Fak.
Interested “rice farmers” should send their application documents with a photo, information about the location and operation as well as a short explanation for their participation to presse@lotao.com . Of course, hobby farmers who do not have a farm but do have acreage can also apply.

For interview requests and to request product samples and additional image material, please contact the press office. You can find out more about LOTAO’s specialties at www.lotao.com.

What exactly is a risolier?
Stefan Fak is the first Risolier in Europe. He chose this name for himself because his knowledge of rice and his intensive engagement with the topic are more than just expert knowledge. The Risolier's knowledge and experiences with rice production and processing options go beyond the purely culinary - he also deals with the political, social and cultural aspects of rice and thus also with the importance of the grain for the world's population. The sensual component also plays an important role for the Risolier: his search for forgotten rice secrets, for stories, myths and backgrounds to the miracle grain is an endless, exciting journey.

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