Reis-Rezeptwettbewerb: Das Finale

vegetarian curry with yellow rice

Now it's finally done and the finalists of the Lotao recipe competition 2012 have been chosen! I was more than surprised by the great and positive response to the competition, which is also reflected in the large number of submissions. I would like to thank all participants very much for this! As a Risolier, I am particularly pleased to see the enthusiasm and creativity with which the rice recipes have been implemented in a variety of ways. An example of this would be Anna Witke's bamboo rice recipe, which takes us to the Chinese origins of rice preparation. Or the loving recipe idea “ Sunset at the Rice Terraces of Indonesia ” by Gisela Rosa Essert, which is a fruity, spicy interpretation of the Lotao Royal Pearl Black black organic rice .

Under the sign of the sun: Warming Rising Sun rice!
Among the many submissions, we also received rice dessert suggestions that were more in line with Western European tastes - for example , Kathrin Berger's " rice pudding strudel recipe with cherries and a nougat center" . Whereas the “ warming vegetable curry with yogurt” by Bettina Pabel takes us back to the origins of rice cultivation and the dazzlingly colorful fairytale world of India. Excited by this diversity, I have now decided to let you share a part of the culinary journey that I have been able to embark on with great joy over the past few weeks and to present selected recipes on the Lotao Facebook page! To start with, I would like to provide a little warmth on the cold days with Bettina Pabel's curry recipe:


  • 3 cups Rising Sun orange
  • 750g mixed vegetables
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 small ginger bulb
  • 3 tbsp oil
  • 1 tbsp curry
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 200 ml vegetable broth
  • 200 g natural yogurt
  • Some cornstarch


  1. Clean the vegetable mixture and cut into bite-sized pieces and gradually sauté in a little boiling, lightly salted water until al dente and drain in a sieve.
  2. Mix finely chopped onion and ginger. Heat the oil in a large wok and stir-fry the mixture, sprinkle the curry and sugar over it and pour in the broth.
  3. Now add the pre-cooked vegetables and continue to simmer for about 3 minutes. Mix the yoghurt with the starch until smooth and add to the vegetables - bring everything to the boil again.
  4. At the same time, prepare the rice according to the package instructions.
  5. To serve, place the vegetable curry in the middle of a large plate and the rice around it like a warming ring of sunshine. Good succeed!

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