besonderer und bunter Basmatireis von Lotao

special and colorful basmati rice from Lotao

Basmati rice is one of the most popular fragrant rice varieties on the European market . The fine floral taste , the tender, loose grain and the aromatic scent have made it the number one specialty rice variety on the rice shelf. But did you know that in addition to the conventional basmati rice offerings on supermarket shelves, there are also special varieties that are based on the popular long-grain rice? The Curcuma Sun variety, for example, combines the floral note of basmati with the spicy spiciness of small pieces of turmeric . After cooking, the organic rice not only develops a very special aroma, but also changes its color to a light golden yellow. An eye-catcher on the plate, a pleasure on the palate...

Oriental Sensation, on the other hand, is a basmati rice smoked using a traditional Persian method. The smoking process was originally used to preserve the rice over the winter or to protect it from annoying insects such as rice beetles .
Even though this preservation method has often been forgotten today and replaced by other methods, the Oriental Sensation Smoked organic smoked rice is still available in stores. Its woody aroma and its particularly long basmati grains make it the ideal accompaniment to fish, fine vegetable dishes and Asian dishes .
If you want more color on your plate alongside Curcuma Sun, we recommend Glam Wedding Pink . The lovers' pink rice is all about the Indian Bollywood wedding. Rice is traditionally seen as a symbol of fertility and a good luck charm. Anyone who tries Glam Wedding Pink will understand this: the fine fragrant rice has been mixed with essences of sensual orange oil, fruity organic sea buckthorn and strong beets .
Through this process, the organic rice not only acquires a surprising pink color, but also a wonderfully fruity aroma. If you would like to find out more about rice in general, we also recommend the rice theme world on the Lotao website !

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