Lotao's new sustainable cooperative in Java

In addition to the farmers' cooperative “Tasikmalaya”, Lotao also supports a new group that is currently being formed in Java. In Bojolali, rice has been produced using the SRI cultivation method (System of Rice Intensification) for several years. This cultivation method, in which the roots of the rice plant are strengthened and the yield is increased, certainly represents a good basis for the upcoming organic and fair trade certification. Here are some impressions from my meeting with the farmers. There was also a lot of laughter when the Risolier threw his foot into the rice field mud in front of the assembled peasantry...

"The picture-book landscape in Java"

“Organic rice cultivation in Bojolali is particularly labor intensive”

"The Farmers and the Risolier - Expert Talks in Indonesian ;)"

"Traditional Indonesian shoe drying, after ritual rice field fall"

The first harvest of organic rice is already in storage

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