Die größte Paella aller Zeiten!

huge Spanish paella

  • 735kg rice
  • 260 kg chicken breast
  • 130kg pork
  • 120 kg of ham
  • 1000 eggs and
  • 53 kg chives
It doesn't just sound like a record - it is : the ingredients for the largest paella of all time were recently fried, making it a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records .
Interestingly, the original recipe for paella is often still unknown. Paella comes from the Valencia region, which lies in the east of Spain on the Mediterranean , and, like so many dishes, is characterized by the culinary specialties of the region. In the region around Valencia you can find large rice fields and fresh vegetables. The most famous rice dish in Spain takes its name from the pan of the same name. The paella is a round steel pan with two handles . The diameter depends on the number of portions and starts at around 20 cm. Large pans for large parties can be a few meters in diameter. The edge is 5 to 10 cm high. In Valencia, Paella Valenciana is only eaten with chicken and rabbit, not fish or seafood.


(for 4 people)

  • 500 g chicken (on the bone, in pieces)
  • 500 g rabbit (on the bone, in pieces; can be replaced with chicken if necessary)
  • 250 g green broad beans
  • 150 g white beans (soak them for 24 hours first!)
  • 250 g small diced tomatoes
  • 400g Arroz Bomba rice
  • 100 ml olive oil
  • 3-4 saffron threads
  • 1 teaspoon paprika powder
  • salt and rosemary


  1. Fill the paella with a little olive oil and fry the rabbit and chicken pieces with a little salt over medium to high heat until very brown. Add the green and white beans and sauté.
  2. Push the ingredients already in the paella to the edge of the paella so that the tomatoes in the middle can be fried until they are creamy. Then fill the pan with water to about half a centimeter below the edge. When the stock level is reduced to about half, season with salt and add saffron and paprika powder.
  3. Add the rice and spread it evenly and stop stirring. Leave the fire at maximum strength for just 5 to 7 minutes (the first grains of rice will have swollen and look slightly out of the broth) and then turn it back down.
  4. Let the rice sit for about 25 minutes. Good succeed!

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