Fried Rice á la Jean George

Fried rice - recipe from chef Jean Georges

Saturday night. I am a guest of Aly Cha, author and artist with Japanese-Korean roots . Aly lives between Zurich, New York and Berlin, and in addition to writing, cooking is her great passion . Today Aly wants to give me a special treat and is preparing one of her favorite recipes: Fried Rice á la Jean George!
My first glance at the list of ingredients makes me skeptical: garlic, leek, rice, eggs? Doesn't sound particularly sophisticated when you consider that Jean Georges in New York is one of the best French restaurants in the USA .


(for 4 people)

  • 300g Glam Wedding Pink rice
  • 3 leeks
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • 1 large ginger root
  • 4 eggs (for fried eggs)
  • Salt
  • soy sauce to taste


  1. However, as soon as I was preparing it, I realized that the dish could cause a few surprises. Because the secret of this simple specialty lies in the combination of all the ingredients, in the precision and in the patience... The first task still seems simple: The rice is cooked according to the cooking instructions, with a little salt, and then set aside to be steamed.
  2. What now follows is the big peeling and chopping. Aly cuts the garlic and ginger into very small cubes. According to the recipe, the leeks are quartered lengthwise and cut into thin, small pieces. Aly cheats a bit here by simply chopping the leeks in a food processor. However, this technical aid is a “no-go” for garlic and ginger because the cubes should look as uniform as possible.
  3. Coconut oil (“Virgin Coconut Oil” – IMPORTANT!) is now heated in a large pan and the mixture of garlic and ginger is fried until crispy. Remove the browned cubes from the pan and place them on kitchen paper.
  4. The remaining oil in the pan has a wonderful scent of the two spices and is therefore perfect for frying the leek pieces: Add the leek and fry in the fat until the pieces are soft.
  5. Then mix the leek with the rice.
  6. Fry the fried eggs in the pan until crispy. Serve the rice on the plates, place a fried egg on each of the rice-leek mixture and sprinkle with the crispy ginger-garlic cubes.
  7. Aly serves the fried rice with soy sauce, which you can drizzle over the rice as desired. I try the first bite and am completely surprised by this successful combination.

My conclusion about this dish: Once again, openness and curiosity in the kitchen pay off - because anyone who indulges in this - on the surface - simple dish will be treated to a very surprising culinary experience.

The coconut oil gives the rice and leek mixture a spicy note

The garlic-ginger cubes taste like fine, spicy croutons

A surprising, simple combination: Fried Rice Jean Georges!

PS: If you would like to read more about Aly, we recommend her new book - Snow in April, published by Piper Verlag!

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