Glutenfrei dank Reis

Lotao's gluten-free rice

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Anyone who suffers from celiac disease - the technical term for gluten intolerance - must pay close attention to their diet. The hypersensitivity of the small intestinal mucosa to certain components of gluten, the gluten protein found in some types of grain, leads to malaise and loss of appetite .
For some affected people - especially in adulthood - the intolerance is often not recognized because it can be accompanied by symptoms such as joint inflammation, toothache and the feeling of exhaustion. This is primarily due to the vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that those affected suffer.
People affected by celiac disease must pay attention to a particularly conscious and, above all, gluten-free diet. This is sometimes not so easy and may restrict your menu. The different types of rice and preparation options offer the possibility of a varied nutritional plan despite a gluten diet! As an alternative to grain products containing gluten, in addition to rice, you can also use millet, corn, quinoa, soybeans, chestnuts or plantains .
In addition to the countless variations with vegetables, be it as risotto and curry or as sushi, the black Royal Pearl Black rice can also be served and enjoyed as a sweet dessert temptation in combination with hot fruits. However, some varieties can also be served cold as a salad. Nowadays, it's not just the sheer endless variety of different types of rice that fascinates me, but also the diverse uses of this miracle grain.
I also became aware once again of how important rice has become, not only in Asia, but also for us here in Europe. Anyone who gets to know rice in its most original form, as I did during my travels, will hardly believe how Kron, which was once only grown in the Mekong Delta, took over the world in a storm.

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