Grüner bestellen: Nachhaltige Lieferung in Mehrweg-Verpackung

Order greener: Sustainable delivery in reusable packaging

Imagine if you could make your online shopping experience a little greener - with every click. At Lotao, we are now making this possible! We are pleased to present a brand new initiative that makes your shopping more sustainable: the reusable packaging Ravioli. The innovative Hamburg start-up offers a shipping option that is more environmentally friendly than conventional disposable packaging. With Ravioli, you no longer have to stack cardboard at home, but instead make an active contribution to environmental protection.

How it works

Simply select the ravioli option at checkout for an additional fee of €2.99 and your order will be sent in a reusable, robust box. This packaging is returned, cleaned and redistributed after use - a cycle that reduces packaging waste and massively saves CO₂ emissions.

Returning your ravioli packaging is as simple as the concept itself. Scan the QR code, follow the folding instructions, save the digital label and drop off the packaging at your nearest DHL location. It's that easy.

After you have returned the packaging to a DHL location, we will reward your commitment with a €5 voucher for your next order. Your contribution to sustainability will not only please the environment, but also your wallet!

Sustainability that pays off

The ravioli packaging reaches the ecological break-even point after just two cycles. This means that the CO₂ emissions generated during the production and shipping of disposable packaging are quickly exceeded by the multiple use of this reusable packaging. And the best thing is: Ravioli reusable packaging is made of 60-70% recycled polypropylene, a material known for its lightness, robustness and weather resistance.

Do you have any questions about the new reusable option? Our FAQ will tell you everything you want to know, from ordering to returns. And if you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact us.

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