Jackfruit-Burger: Die Grillsaison ist eröffnet

Jackfruit burger

Just in time for the start of the grilling season, Lotao presents a ready-made jackfruit patty that can be prepared quickly and kept unrefrigerated throughout the grilling season - ready to grab and grill at any time. So if you are spontaneously invited to a barbecue party and want to take a vegan alternative with you, if you want to show yourself as an innovative host or if you simply want to try something new, we recommend the delicious patty made from jackfruit, chickpeas and oat flakes . Spicy, crunchy and of course organic & vegan.

Crispy with jackfruit, oat flakes and chickpeas: The new jackfruit burger

In addition to the young jackfruit pieces, the Lotao Jackfruit Burger also contains fresh vegetables and herbs . Rounded off with various spices and fried on both sides for just 5 minutes, the patty turns out to be a time-saving, sophisticated and colorful dish.
The golden brown crust is the ideal indication of a successful frying process. For an optimal taste experience, it is best to combine the burger with tomatoes, lettuce and a classic burger sauce - ideally a spicy BBQ or cocktail sauce. But there are no limits to creativity: you can cut the patties up well before serving and use them as a wrap filling with tahini and fresh sprouts, add them to bowls or sprinkle them over crisp salads - similar to croutons.

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