Jackfruit-Fleischersatz: Die Entdeckung des Jahres

Jackfruit as a meat substitute

Jackfruit: A great alternative to meat, but also just a delicious vegetable


The most exciting culinary discovery of the year is probably the world's biggest “big player” in trees: the jackfruit . The largest tree fruit in the world weighs up to 20 kg when ripe, is wonderfully sweet and tastes reminiscent of a mixture of mango, banana and pear.
The tropical jackfruit from Lotao comes from southern India and is considered an absolute trend food . When unripe, the pulp has a fine, fibrous structure similar to that of beef, pork or chicken , making it an alternative to meat dishes . In addition , 100 grams of jackfruit only have 50 calories , but provide the body with many important fiber, vitamins and minerals . In addition, jackfruit flesh does not contain any allergens such as gluten or soy, but does contain iron, potassium and calcium , which makes the fruit particularly interesting for allergy sufferers. Thanks to its neutral taste, jackfruit can be used in almost any dish and can be refined with spices or oil as desired. This makes them the ideal ingredient for spicy dishes such as goulash or curries. By the way, if you are looking for an alternative to minced meat, you can simply chop Lotao's natural jackfruit cubes with a blender and process these “shreds” into bolognese, burgers or chilis.

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