Mediterrane Bowl mit Buchweizen – glutenfreier Genuss

Mediterranean bowl with buckwheat – gluten-free enjoyment

With its successful relaunch, LOTAO is bringing a whole range of new ready-made and semi-finished meals in the best organic quality onto the market.
These include, for the first time, some of the now ever-popular bowls, whether as a Mediterranean bowl or in an Asian or oriental style . Very uncomplicated , ready to eat, and like all LOTAO delicacies , 100 percent vegan, 100 percent natural and without artificial additives or flavor enhancers. Simply uncompromisingly good.

Very trendy: bowls of colorful superfood

Poke Bowl, Rice Bowl, Buddha Bowl or Breakfast Bowl – ten years ago these terms would probably have had little meaning. It is no longer possible to determine exactly when and how the triumph of colorful bowls – simply “bowls” in German – began. It is generally agreed that the trend towards healthy dishes in a bowl began around seven to eight years ago. Bowls as a trend food quickly became popular, especially through posts from food bloggers on Instagram. They are now an integral part of modern, creative cuisine.

The Bowl – a quick lunch for the health-conscious?

What foodies in big cities can easily take with them on every corner “to go” takes a lot more effort for remote workers outside of trendy areas. A classic vegan or vegetarian lunch bowl usually contains a base with a lot of valuable protein, for example from quinoa, buckwheat or legumes. This is usually accompanied by several vegetables, including raw vegetables or fruits . The whole thing is rounded off with an individual sauce and a topping made from nuts, seeds, sprouts or herbs that provide additional nutrients.
Behind every bowl there is not only healthy enjoyment, but also a lot of effort in the preparation. With the aim of making vegan nutrition very uncomplicated in everyday life, LOTAO meets exactly such changing needs of today.

The dream of the 5-minute bowl?

Anyone who doesn't have the time, opportunity or desire to go outside for lunch while working from home knows the situation very well. Once again, you find yourself sitting at your laptop or in a meeting longer than planned. The stomach growls clearly. And the next appointment is coming up. Now go to the kitchen to cook rice, chop vegetables, clean salad or prepare a dressing? Rather unrealistic, isn't it? The lunch break is never enough for that. It would be nice to have a quick, healthy lunch on hand, something like a 5-minute bowl for example!

New: Trendy bowls as ready meals in the LOTAO range

So that you can achieve this with a healthy diet even with little time, we at LOTAO have developed something exactly like this for you! If you're not the type of meal prepper who likes to prepare everything in advance, you'll love our new range of 13 international bowls and ready-made meals for spontaneous lunches . Ready to eat, great organic ingredients, vegan and varied – your lunch breaks are saved from now on!
Enjoy the Mediterranean Bowl on Mondays. Dream of Thailand on Tuesday with the green curry . A quick trip to Mexico on Wednesday with a delicious chili sin carne ? Immerse yourself in a world of oriental spices and flavors on Thursday. Maybe a veggie curry with jackfruit on Friday?
It's actually a shame that the working week is already over. We at LOTAO have even more varied, healthy convenience dishes in store for you, with which you can enjoy classics of international cuisine in a new interpretation.

No matter whether you work in the home office or in the office, our colorful bowls can be heated almost anywhere in no time at all with little effort . If you have a little more time, or if you still have rice, potatoes or vegetables left over from the day before, even better! Our healthy ready meals don't dictate anything to you. They are not only soloists, but also a wonderfully versatile base that gives you plenty of scope for your own creativity in the kitchen.

Mediterranean bowl with buckwheat new at LOTAO

The Mediterranean bowl with dried tomatoes and oregano promises you flavors from the south. In keeping with our motto of rediscovering forgotten treasures , our LOTAO scouts have now put buckwheat at the center of a dish for the first time and enriched this bowl with it. The so-called pseudo-grain buckwheat provides lots of fiber, vitamins and healthy protein . It also ensures that the bowl is gluten-free and fills you up in a healthy way.

The Mediterranean Bowl comes in a 220g bag, which you can conveniently store, transport and heat up easily . Whether in the microwave, water bath or in a pot - this delicious bowl is ready to enjoy in a flash and is therefore ideal to take with you to the office or for a quick lunch at home.

What is buckwheat?

Buckwheat - with the Latin name Fagopyrum - has been on the human diet for thousands of years. In China, for example, it has been cultivated specifically for over 4,500 years . For us Central Europeans, buckwheat may be seen as a rather exotic staple food, but its cultivation has been documented in Austria, for example, since the 15th century.
In contrast to our traditional Central European grains such as wheat, oats or rye, buckwheat is not a sweet grass and therefore logically not a grain at all. The knotweed plant is therefore considered a so-called pseudograin and is often recommended as a gluten-free alternative alongside other pseudograins such as quinoa, chia or amaranth.

Anyone who deals with buckwheat in the kitchen for the first time will immediately notice the unusual shape of the brownish grains: They are triangular and significantly smaller than local types of grain . Buckwheat flour is often used for pancakes or, in certain regions of China and Japan, for making noodles. Spicy, nutty-tasting buckwheat tea is often served there. The grains of the pseudo-grain are not only ideal as a side dish for hearty dishes, but also fit perfectly in salads or bowls with their nutty taste and firm bite.

This is what makes buckwheat so healthy

Buckwheat is ideal for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance because, unlike grains, it contains neither gluten nor allergens.

Valuable ingredients of buckwheat:

  • Eight essential amino acids (including lysine, treonine, tryptophan)
  • Lecithin (an important nutrient for liver cells)
  • fiber
  • Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • B vitamins and vitamin E
  • Minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus
  • Trace elements iron and silicon
  • Secondary plant substance rutin with proven antioxidant and vascular protective effects

The pseudograin is rich in high-quality proteins and amino acids . When it comes to its protein content , buckwheat, for example, scores with 10 percent , and its proteins also have good biological value, meaning they keep you full for longer . The positive effect of consistent consumption of buckwheat on increased blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol levels has even been scientifically proven.
It's great that a quick and easy-to-prepare ready-made dish like our Mediterranean Bowl contains so much that's good for you, don't you think?

Buckwheat, oats, jackfruit and rice: delicious bowls from LOTAO

Let our new bowls inspire you to take a culinary trip around the world and combine them individually, for example with our veggie balls , some rice or one of your favorite vegetables . You can also get Mediterranean Bowl , Thai Bowl and Oriental Bowl in an attractive mix package . This means you can try all the new dishes and all our tried and tested ones. For many colorful, healthy lunch breaks!
For exactly those days when there seems to be no end in sight, there is also our spicy snack trio - the LOTAO Cups. Curry Cup , Sweet & Sour Cup and Bolognese Cup are your delicious little snack to snack on. Simply pour hot water, stir, wait a bit and enjoy. If necessary, you can also do it directly on the computer.

Hungry for more delicious LOTAO specialties? Click here to go directly to the shop!

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