Reis als Babynahrung

Rice as baby food

For the first four to six months, the baby is completely satisfied with breast milk or milk from a bottle . But then at some point it shows the first so-called signs of being ready for complementary foods and becomes interested in what its parents eat. Then it starts, the porridge time. Babies also love it in a variety of ways: parents usually start porridge time with vegetables. Soon, the simple vegetable puree turns into a small pureed menu, which is accompanied by potatoes and meat. While babies are very frugal at the beginning of their life, they quickly enjoy different tastes. The rice enriches the menu and of course should not be missing . If you are generally looking for tips on suitable baby food, we also recommend the free guide from Bambiona .

Rice, the helpful alternative:

Babies react differently to foods, but many become constipated from potatoes. In this case, too , rice is a healthy and tasty alternative that can be prepared just as easily as porridge with potatoes. If the baby does not yet have teeth, the cooked grains can be thoroughly pureed and mixed with ingredients of your choice.

What goes well with rice?

The cereal is an additional food for baby food that goes well with almost everything. At the beginning of the porridge and rice season , zucchini, carrots and pumpkin are ideal, later meat and fish.

Not just rice please

There's rice, baby!
According to recent studies, the popular rice cake for babies and small children, but also rice itself in large quantities, is not recommended. Inorganic arsenic is found in some rice products in significantly higher quantities than in the rice grain itself. But you shouldn't be alarmed and avoid rice completely. A balanced diet that includes rice as well as potatoes and other vegetables is harmless for your child and is actually important.

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