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Store rice properly

Anyone who eats a lot of rice should also be well informed about how to store rice properly. With proper treatment and good precautions, you can easily prevent rice from going bad. The purchase is already crucial: Always choose well-cleaned, high-quality rice so that insect larvae are not introduced when you buy it. These could gradually eat their way through the rice, which would probably be a less than pleasant surprise. When buying, the rice should ideally have less than 12 percent residual moisture . To ensure that it stays that way even after purchase, it should be stored in a dry place.
You can either seal it airtight in plastic foil or in sealed plastic bags. A wonderful alternative are easily sealable containers made of glass or PVC . These also protect the rice from insects that could be attracted to the grain. A good example of suitable storage containers is provided by Rotho from Switzerland: The traditional company offers the premium LOFT line, a modular container system in which you can store your fine rice grains in an optimal and aroma-protected manner. Thanks to the different, coordinated sizes, all containers can be stacked and combined with each other as desired. Incidentally, the storage temperature hardly plays a role for rice - on the contrary: the rice grain likes it when the temperature corresponds to natural fluctuations . In this sense, rice is pretty easy to store. However, the best place to store it is still the cooking pot - where the rice only lasts for a short time and is then eaten immediately.

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