Reissüße – eine Zuckeralternative mit Tradition

Rice sweetener – a sugar alternative with tradition

Lotao Rice Kiss Rice Sweetener is a natural sweetener obtained from rice. The base for rice sweetener is rice syrup, a traditional sweetener from Japan . Just like rice , rice sweetener also contains no fructose. This is why it is an excellent substitute for table sugar and other sweeteners if you have fructose intolerance. It is also gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and histamine compatible.

How is rice sweetener made?

Lotao Rice Kiss rice sweetener is naturally made from the whole grain of rice in organic quality. When producing rice sweetener, the rice is ground and the rice flour is mixed with water and heated. By adding enzymes, the starch in rice is broken down and converted into short chains of sugar molecules. Cloudy substances are filtered out and what remains is a sticky juice - rice syrup. Further thickening and drying of the syrup ultimately creates rice sweetener, with a crystalline structure and a very slight taste of its own . Rice sweetener has a fine, slightly nutty aroma and sweetens slightly more mildly than usual table sugar.

Sweeten without regret?

Rice sweetener consists of oligosaccharides, maltose, glucose and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron . Rice sweetener has a high proportion of long-chain carbohydrates . The body first converts these into simple sugars before they are absorbed into the blood. In this way, sugar absorption is delayed, which means that blood sugar levels rise more slowly when rice sweetener is consumed. Since rice sweetener does not contain fructose, it is a suitable sugar alternative for people with fructose intolerance . But even without intolerance, it can be advisable to avoid fructose - especially with so-called Tofis ("Thin outside, fat inside"): In the past, fructose was marketed as a healthy form of sugar ("5 pieces of fruit every day!"), current studies show, that fructose can be held responsible for social diseases such as diabetes and fatty liver disease . Because fructose is only broken down in the liver and forms harmful organ fats in the abdominal area (see e.g. ). Consumption of fructose is therefore not recommended for Tofis...

What can rice sweetener be used for?

Rice Kiss rice sweetener is a natural, versatile alternative to ordinary table sugar. You can use rice sweetener to refine more than just sauces, salad marinades and desserts. The mild sweetener is also suitable for sweetening tea, coffee or other drinks, and can also be used for baking. In general, household sugar can be replaced 1:1 with Rice Kiss - if you like it sweeter, simply use 10-20% more rice sweetener than intended.

Differences between rice syrup and rice sweetener

Even though rice syrup is the basis for rice sweetening, there are fundamental differences between the two sweeteners . The most obvious difference is the consistency: While syrup is moist and sticky like honey, rice sweetener has a dry, finely crystalline structure . Recipes with granulated or powdered sugar can therefore be adapted more easily if rice is sweetened: the amount of liquid specified in the recipe is simply used unchanged. With rice syrup, other liquids in the recipe must be reduced for the cake or pastry to turn out well. When it comes to shelf life , rice sweetener and rice syrup also behave differently: rice sweetener can simply be stored in the cupboard at room temperature. Even after opening, the properties of the rice sweetness do not change.
The syrup can tip over after opening, it ferments and then foams. To prevent this, it should be stored in the refrigerator.
Various internet portals recommend freezing the syrup in portions to improve the shelf life of a large quantity. This is not necessary with rice sweetener.
Our conclusion: Sweeten and enjoy – with rice sweetener without feeling guilty.

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