Schweizer Reis: Das weltweit nördlichste Reisanbaugebiet

Swiss Rice: The world's northernmost rice-growing region

Anyone who thinks of rice immediately lets their mind wander into the distance of long -gone Asian dynasties . Rice is grown right on our doorstep. In Ticino, Switzerland, the world's northernmost rice growing region, the "Riso Nostrano Ticinese" was established as a local niche product .

"Before the first ground frost sets in, the harvest must be harvested to prevent damage"

With a height of just 198 meters above sea level, the Maggia Delta offers conditions that are atypical for Switzerland, which make cultivation possible . In addition to using a dry construction method that does not flood the rice fields, farmers must also be careful to only use those varieties that are not at risk of being endangered by frost.
You can achieve this by growing rice varieties that require such a short maturation period that they can be harvested before the first frost . After a long search at the end of the 90s, a winner emerges from among the potential rice varieties that could be considered for rice cultivation in Switzerland: His name was "Loto" , could that be a coincidence? Loto is the "Lungo A" rice type , a variety with a long, convex grain that is ideal for risotto , remains al dente for a long time during the cooking process and binds the liquid well.

"Alpine idyll and Italian flair: rice cultivation in Switzerland"

A rice that corresponds to Ticino traditions and is also used as risotto at least twice a week. One might almost think that there are as many recipes for Ticino risotto as there are households in this region of Switzerland. Because every family has its own opinion about how long the rice should be cooked and with which side dishes it should be served. Although Ticino rice is still predominantly sold and consumed in Ticino , it has already made it to Harrods in London. Even in German-speaking Switzerland you occasionally come across rice from the south of the country. I'm excited to see when we can try this type of rice in Germany too. Southern Switzerland offers a special appeal not only for rice lovers but also holidaymakers: the combination of Italian flair makes this region a very special haven of peace, with all kinds of culinary delights to discover.
Yours, Stefan Fak

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