Thai Bowl mit Basmatireis und Kokosmilch-Curry

Thai bowl with basmati rice and coconut milk curry

Conscious nutrition in organic quality without additives and flavors and the whole thing is quick and easy? LOTAO ensures this with its expanded range of vegan ready-made and semi-finished meals. Three colorful bowls are new: Thai Bowl , Mediterranean and Oriental Bowl .
Newly released classics from international cuisine, guaranteed without artificial flavors, preservatives or additives. For all connoisseurs who don't want to make any compromises in terms of quality or health, even with a quick lunch.

New at LOTAO: Vegan bowls ready to eat

“We show that vegan and socially and ecologically sustainable nutrition can also be delicious and quickly prepared,” promises our founder and CEO Stefan Fak.
With exactly this claim in mind, we have now expanded our range of vegan ready meals and developed a range of bowls, among other things.
Healthy meals from a pack that come to the table in minutes? Without any compromises when it comes to quality or fair, sustainable production? Works great with the new vegan bowls and ready meals from LOTAO! Whether chili sin carne , Thai bowl or Mediterranean Bowla total of 13 favorite dishes from international cuisines bring a potpourri of aromas, flavors and colors to your plate. Of course, only produced fairly with the best ingredients and in organic quality . True to our motto: Uncompromisingly good.

Currys – modern feel-good dishes with culinary tradition

We at LOTAO love curries, because these flexible stew dishes that suit all tastes are simply great. From mild to hellishly hot, whether for vegans or flexitarians - there is a bowl with the right contents for every taste.
In the 19th century, a word originally borrowed from Tamil was eventually adopted into English in the spelling “ Curry ” and then into German. Of course, curry dishes have been around for much longer in the south and southeast of Asia. This generally meant all sorts of different variations of creamy, spicy sauces as a “side dish for rice”.
By the way, traditional curries have a lot in common with modern bowls , did you know that? In both cases, there is no one standard recipe, no prescribed spice mix and no standard ingredients. Everything depends on the region and the cook's preferences, but also, for example, on what is currently available.

Thai bowl with basmati rice - new at LOTAO

For us and our customers, uncomplicated and healthy enjoyment is crucial,” says Stefan Fak, founder and managing director of LOTAO.
The new Thai Bowl therefore shows how innovations go hand in hand with an unchanged vision . For the first time, one of the tasty convenience dishes now even contains pre-cooked rice, says Stefan Fak. This means that the curry bowl with whole grain basmati rice, eggplant, carrots and peppers can be prepared very easily in a short time and without much cooking effort. A quick lunch, uncompromisingly good and with 100 percent natural ingredients - like everything from LOTAO.

In the sturdy 220g bag you can store and transport the Thai Bowl just as easily as you can prepare it. An ideal companion to the office, don't you think? But just as suitable for your healthy lunch in the home office or a quick, light dinner.

Go on a culinary journey of discovery with bowls and dishes from LOTAO

Would you like to have a meal plan without a lot of effort and without long shopping lists? Nothing easier than that! How about the motto “Around the world in five days”?
We would suggest a Southeast Asian-inspired curry to start the week: our new Thai Bowl . We continue to Mexico on Tuesday with a spicy chili sin carne . Then on Wednesday a short stopover in Europe with the Mediterranean Bowl . On Thursday we continue east via worlds of enjoyment à la 1001 Nights with the Oriental Bowl . Which brings us full circle on Friday with our veggie curry .
Do you know what the best part is? We at LOTAO have even more varied, healthy convenience dishes for you in the shop. You can now plan your next culinary trip around the world.

Lunch, evening or in between? With our colorful bowls and ready meals you can make what you like and when you like it. If you need to go quickly, you can heat up our country specialties almost anywhere with little effort and simply enjoy them. Do you have more time, hunger or company while eating? Maybe there are leftovers from the day before or vegetables in the fridge that should go? Then simply use our vegan convenience dishes as a basis, which you can expand to suit your taste and needs. Curry , Bolognese sauce and ragout , for example, are particularly suitable for this. But the bowls can also be varied as desired.

Chickpeas, jackfruit, rice or buckwheat for a healthy variety

Just like our tried and tested classics, our new bowls are also balanced . The low-calorie and high-fiber jackfruit is now joined in our product line by chickpeas, oats and buckwheat as well as, for the first time, pre-cooked whole grain basmati rice . For more variety on the plate or in the bowl and at the same time with even more benefits for your health.
With our ready meals we want to make it easy for you, but in no way restrict you. Take it as an invitation to get creative, add your favorite topping over it or turn the meal into a spontaneous dinner for two with veggie balls and potatoes or quinoa.

Would you like to test yourself across the board? Then put our mix package in your shopping cart now. So you can try out all of our vegan bowls and ready meals. Please let us know in the reviews what your personal LOTAO favorites are.
Our three cup dishes with a new recipe offer you a snack in proven organic quality for in between meals . The creamy Bolognese with Spirelli noodles , the Indian jackfruit curry with turmeric and cumin and the vegan Sweet & Sour Cup are mixed in a flash and ready to enjoy. If necessary, you can also take part in an online meeting.
Hungry for more delicious LOTAO specialties? Click here to go directly to the shop!

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