Lotao press release: vegan jackfruit goulash

With the “Lotao Green” series, Lotao brings delicious jackfruit variations to the market

Berlin, November 12, 2018.
The colder season finally begins and with it the desire for hearty classics such as roasts, roulades or goulash. From now on, there is a nice option for anyone who wants to limit their meat consumption or spice up their diet with a new, vegan ingredient to enjoy a hearty goulash version. Jackfruit Goulash from Lotao is an exotic alternative to the classic that can easily compete with its meaty relative in terms of taste.
When it comes to meat substitutes, jackfruit is considered the new discovery of recent years. When unripe, the largest tree fruit in the world can hardly be distinguished from beef or chicken in terms of consistency and texture and, thanks to its good nutritional values, is ideal for a low-calorie diet. “We have studied the fruit for a long time and intensively and have now developed optimal recipes for processing the young jackfruit,” explains Stefan Fak, managing director and founder of Lotao GmbH. “Our goulash is the fourth flavor from the “Lotao Green” product range this year, which we are now launching on a large scale,” says Fak. The Lotao Green jackfruit comes from 100% organic cultivation in Indian farmers’ cooperatives, where it comes from Harvested by hand.

Jackfruit – the exotic meat substitute

The tropical jackfruit comes from southern India and is considered an absolute trend food. When unripe, the pulp has a fine, fibrous structure similar to beef, pork or chicken, making it an alternative to meat dishes. In addition, 100 grams of jackfruit only have 50 calories, but provide the body with many important fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, jackfruit flesh does not contain any allergens such as gluten or soy, but does contain iron, potassium and calcium, which makes the fruit particularly interesting for allergy sufferers.
Thanks to its neutral taste, jackfruit can be used in almost any dish and can be refined with spices or oil as desired. This makes them the ideal ingredient for spicy dishes such as goulash or curries.

European-Asian goulash

The roots of today's goulash dishes lie in medieval Hungary, where the soup dish, somewhat simplified, consisted of fried meat and onions. But goulash variants can also be found in Asia: In Indonesian cuisine, “rendang” is known as the counterpart to Central European goulash. The stew-like dish was originally a feast of the largest ethnic group in Sumatra, the Minangkabau. Rendang is now an integral part of Padang cuisine and is usually served with rice.
“We want to counteract the traditional European stew classics with organic jackfruit with a vegetarian-vegan variant and at the same time build a bridge to Asian cuisine,” says Stefan Fak. “It is time for conventional dishes to be rethought in order to create unique tastes create,” says the expert on exotic foods from Asia.
During production, the jackfruit is cooked over a low heat for several hours with fine fried onions, which gives the sauce a spicy depth. Tomatoes, fine organic rose peppers, marjoram and small amounts of Lotao Rice Kiss rice sweetener round off the basic aromatic impression.
For the customer, preparation is child's play within five minutes. Simply heat the finished “Jackfruit Goulash” mixture in a pan or in a water bath and the delicious meal is ready.

In addition to the three Lotao Green variations “Curry”, “Teriyaki” and “Pur”, Jackfruit Goulash is now available in 200 gram packaging at selected organic and food retailers or via the Lotao online shop at a price of EUR 3.99 each (RRP). available.

For interview requests and to request product samples and images, please contact the press office. Further information can be found at www.lotao.com . There are numerous recipes for Lotao Green in the Lotao blog at www.risolier.de .

About Lotao

Lotao GmbH, based in Berlin, was founded in 2011 by Stefan Fak. The company is dedicated to exquisite, organic Asian specialties and sells them on the European delicatessen market. In addition to the “Lotao Deli” rice line, the extraordinary range also includes products made from coconut, pasta made from rice, sugar and legumes. With the “Lotao Green” product range consisting of jackfruit, Lotao is now conquering the market for meat substitute products. Further information at www.lotao.com .

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